Today's Opinions

  • M-Spam becoming a serious problem

    Spam in text messages on cell phones is a growing problem in the United States, and several of us are sponsoring legislation in the House of Representatives to outlaw this practice.

    Earlier in this decade, the ?Do Not Call? registry was enacted in response to consumer complaints that unwanted telemarketing calls had become a serious nuisance at home and on their cell phones. Ever since the registry was established, the amount of unwanted telemarketing calls has dropped significantly.

  • Letters

    The Old Paths

    I like the Old Paths, when moms were at home dads, were at work, brothers went into the Army and sisters got married and then had children. Crime did not pay, hard work did and people knew the difference. Moms could cook, dads would work, children would behave.

    Husbands were loving, wives were supportive and children were polite. Women looked like ladies and men were gentlemen. Women wore jewelry and men wore pants, and children looked decent. People loved the truth and hated a lie, they came to the church to get in, not to get out.

  • Expand your world - volunteer

    If you believe volunteering is all about giving to others, you’ve missed half the point. Very often you will find that you “get” even better than you “give”.

  • Liberal media myth lies shattered

    Anyone who truly believes in a “liberal media” would have to wonder why news organizations would spend endless weeks carrying on over nutty comments from Barack Obama’s former preacher.

    Following the “logic” that media only supports and encourages liberal candidates at the expense of glorious conservatism, then surely it wouldn’t hammer home something that is only likely to hurt Obama’s campaign.

  • Ukraine revisited

    I finally got back to my home in Roanoke a little before midnight, on April 27, after 36 hours of travel. This included an overnight train ride from Nikolaev to Kiev and 13 hours of air travel, punctuated by layovers in London and Detroit. That was a Sunday and after taking Monday off as a sleep-deprivation recovery and laundry day, I returned to the Bulletin’s office on Tuesday to find that they actually missed me while I was gone. At least Tom Wilmoth, my boss missed me as my absence meant a very busy week for him.

  • The importance of tax relief

    In a letter written by Benjamin Franklin to Jean-Baptiste Leroy, Franklin said: ?In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.? Taxes may be a certainty for every American, but high taxes shouldn?t be. As you know, lower taxes put more money in the hands of consumers and are fundamental to economic growth. I believe Americans know better how to put their hard-earned money to use than the federal government.

  • VIPER attracts business

    VIPER, the motor sports initiative at Virginia International Raceway (VIR), continues to develop into a potent economic engine for Southside Virginia.

  • Blues and BBQ

    On Saturday April 19, Centertown Bedford came alive with the soulful sounds that only Blues Music can create in our Farmer’s Market.

    Top blues performers, Minus John, Eli Cook & Band, Billy Sutton & Roadhouse entertained the crowd in the rain all night. Keith Campbell did a great job as emcee and filling in for our first musician who could not attend.