Today's Opinions

  • Presidential proclamation

        On this day and during this week, we celebrate the signing of our Constitution, which has proved that Government established by the people through reflection and deliberate choice can thrive and endure, rather than devolve into chaos and upheaval. 

  • Better pay attention

        As you may have noticed,  we have elections scheduled for Nov. 6. One of the cool things about living in Virginia is that we have elections every year. We have federal elections in even numbered years and state and local elections in odd numbered years.

  • More evidence that he’s unfit for office

        In Donald Trump’s historically unprecedented regime, there’s always been a very credible suspicion that this man is simply not fit for the office to which he ascended. Now, as more and more evidence surfaces, everyone should start to accept it.
        Yes, it’s time for his “base,” as they are called, to begin the process of admitting how wrong they were. One way or the other, this farcical presidency is going to end badly.

  • Education, Life itself

    By Glenn Ayers

        A “mind-set” between teachers and students is the way Bedford school superintendent, Doug Schuch, describes the county’s new student-based learning system.
        He doesn’t like calling what’s going on at Staunton River Middle School and Jefferson Forest High School programs. “It sounds too much like people being forced to do something.”  What’s wanted, he explains, is this “mind-set” that produces ideal results. 

  • Letters 09-19-18

    Cockburn took time to listen

        I invited 5th Congressional District candidate Leslie Cockburn to meet with clients at Bedford Christian Ministries in July. 
        Low-income senior, disabled and working individuals rarely have their voices heard by people having (or seeking) the power to make decisions regarding their health and well-being.  To her credit, this busy, energetic candidate committed to this meeting in early June and showed up as promised in late July.

  • Letter 09-12-18

    Keep up the
    good work

        Last night at the JF football game I made some observations.
        Eight years ago when we first started attending games, there were no students in the student section. They had no desire to watch the game, instead spent the time wandering around, getting into trouble.

  • Women will lead the way this fall

        “Liberal Women of Chesterfield County” didn’t exist until “tea party” stalwart Dave Brat shocked and defeated the Republican then-GOP Majority Leader Eric Cantor in 2014.
        Brat went on to Congress, where he has done little but obsess over “repeal and replace,” the angry plan to take away benefits under the Affordable Care Act. Thank goodness they’ve failed; the ACA is still the law of the land and has provided health insurance coverage to about 25 million people.

  • Trump vs. Obama

        The most recent daily Rasmussen Poll , as of this writing, puts President Donald Trump’s approval rating at 46 percent. In spite of the Bob Woodward book and the anonymous editorial in the New York Times, this is roughly where President Trump’s approval rating has been, give or take a percentage point, all summer.