Today's Opinions

  • Will recent events hurt Trump next year?

        Will recent events hurt President Donald Trump in the 2020 election?
        Late last month, we had his infamous “go back where you came from” tweet aimed at four “Democrat” extremists in the House of Representatives. This tweet was not a rash act. It was a calculated move on the part of President Trump. It wasn’t an effort to rally his base, either.

  • Suddenly, he’s against hatred? Not buying it

        We all know by now that gun massacres are simply a way of life in America, pretty much like a baseball game or buying a Slurpee at 7-11.
        They’re commonplace; and they can happen anywhere at any time. Other countries have long since taken measures – meaning regulation of guns – to prevent such massacres. But in America, even as late as 2019, we have different priorities.

  • Farmers, other outdoor workers need to prevent sun damage

        Extended amounts of sun exposure to those who work outdoors can increase their risk of developing skin cancer.

  • Act Like It

        This week marks the launch of Virginia’s 18th annual Checkpoint Strikeforce DUI law enforcement and public education campaign in Virginia.
        It has a vital message at its core.
        The increased enforcement will take place through Labor Day weekend and resume periodically through key moments like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Eve.

  • It looks like we are going down the tubes

        I’m an optimist of sorts. If somebody says things can’t get any worse, I’ll reply, oh yes they can. Actually, I’m the sort of person who sees the glass as half empty and believes that every silver lining has a dark cloud.
        I began my column this way because I’m not optimistic about America’s future and I wanted to first remind everybody that I naturally tend to take a gloomy view of the future.

  • The wretch doesn’t even have a dog

         In America today, and ever since 2017, each week brings a new outrage from the Oval Office, a new twist of ignorance, extremism, school yard petulance, and worst of all, wrong-headed policy decisions often made by a tweet.

  • Letter 08-21-19

    Kirkland for Sheriff

        I support Deputy James Kirkland as our next sheriff of Bedford County because of his 23 years of experience in law enforcement and his four years in the United States Army.
        He has been a K-9 Handler for 17 years, attended K-9 Explosives Detection School twice for a total of 22 weeks and Explosive Patrol School for two weeks.  Deputy Kirkland also served in Baghdad, Iraq at the Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center for five months as a K-9 Explosives Handler in 2012. 

  • Letter 08-14-19

    Object to militarization of police

        What a pleasant evening last night, August 6, for the National Night Out designed to build trust between police and citizens.
        There was rockin’ music with people thoroughly enjoying themselves dancing. Bedford library was there engaging with young children and their parents.
        The Health Department had an informative display especially about important immunizations.