Today's Opinions

  • Their social agenda is important to them

        Liberals like to criticize conservatives for the importance we attach to social issues such as abortion and homosexuality. They like to accuse us of wanting to fight culture wars instead of focusing on real issues.

  • Warren, Harris shine on campaign trail

        Former Vice President Joe Biden continues to be the front-runner among 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, but there are two women in his rear-view mirror who are gaining fast.
         Two members of the U.S. Senate, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, and Kamala Harris of California, are winning notice, raising money, and rising in polls because of highly effective, even inspirational, campaigning.

  • Water Safety Council thanks boat operators for fireworks-watching behavior

        The Smith Mountain Lake Water Safety Council, together with SML-area law enforcement, thanked all boat operators who honored the No-Wake Protocol while traveling into and out of Independence Day weekend fireworks viewing areas.
        Very few instances of boats making wakes as they arrived and departed were observed at fireworks events on July 4 at Mariner’s Landing, July 5 at Mitchell’s Marina and July 6 at Saunder’s Parkway Marina.

  • Riggleman applauds expansion of broadband in Bedford County

        Congressman Denver Riggleman applauded Comcast’s expansion of broadband to Bedford County in the 5th District.  
        Comcast, in partnership with Bedford County, announced the launch of a project to extend broadband service to more than 7,000 addresses in Smith Mountain Lake, Va. Comcast plans to begin rolling-out services to parts of the area this month with an expected completion of the project by year-end.

  • Letters 07-10-19

    Farms are

        Sixty years ago the last coal fired steam locomotive on the N&W was put to rest.

  • Boat crew communication 

    By Tom Merriman
    SML Water Safety Council

        This isn’t an article about folks on a boat ride talking about the beautiful scenery at Smith Mountain Lake.  Rather, this IS an article about the importance of communicating, by anyone on board, timely information to the vessel operator in a potentially dangerous situation! 

  • Celebrating electric lineworkers

    By Jeri Matheney
    Communications Director, Appalachian Power

        Wednesday, July 10, is National Lineworker Appreciation Day. At Appalachian Power, it naturally is a day in which we celebrate our line mechanics and other front line employees and the work they do.
        As the company spokesperson, I’m on the edges of that world, but not truly a part of it. I’m the person customers love to hate, because I might bring bad news about power outages or rising power bills.

  • Our immoral shame at the border

        It’s become clear that all Americans should be ashamed at how foreign nationals at our border with Mexico are being treated, and that such treatment simply cannot be justified because they were trying to get here illegally.
        The tragedy of Donald Trump’s presidency first began when he branded all illegal immigrants as “rapists and killers.” He didn’t say “some,” or “a few,” he spoke in general terms.