Today's Opinions

  • Obama left a toxic legacy

        As of this writing, tensions are rising between the United States and Iran. President Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the Iran nuclear deal last year and this year declared Iran’s Revolutionary Guard to be a terrorist organization. This opened the door to economic sanctions against the Guard, which has extensive business dealings.

  • Pro-choice forces ready to fight

        The fallout continues from the extreme anti-abortion rights bills passed in Georgia, Alabama, Missouri and other states, where “pro-life” people want to take away the reproductive rights of all American women.
        The Alabama law, clearly the most egregious and the most blatantly unconstitutional, would ban nearly all abortions, even from the moment of conception – a “moment” no one actually knows – and would sentence doctors who perform abortions to up to 99 years in prison.

  • Honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice

    By James F. Burns
    Retired professor
    University of Florida

        A bullet pinged past the soldier’s ear as he crouched behind bushes near the frontlines.  A soldier near him suddenly lurched forward, letting out a horrible scream as he crumpled to the ground and died.  All gave some, some gave all.

  • Letters 05-22-19

    Veterans for Miller

        The election process is starting once again and this time it is to elect a new Sheriff!
        As an U.S. Air Force veteran, I would like to express a growing trend and viewpoint, that I share with many of my veteran friends.

  • Letters 05-15-19

    Information questioned

        I just had the opportunity to watch the Young Republican’s Forum from last week and want to know where the Candidate Captain Miller is getting his information.
        God blessed me with three sons and two of them, thanks to the drugs in our Bedford County Public Schools, two of them have been jailed or in detention because as a working mother I just can’t watch them every second of the day. Parents have to trust the school system and the sheriff’s department.

  • An open letter to wake makers 

    By Jerry Hale
    Wake Surfer and SML Water Safety Council me ber
        I am one of us.  I’ve wake boarded on SML for 15 years and am still at it.  I have friends with surf boats and get invited along for wake surfing sessions. These sports are great fun, but the towboats produce significant wakes. There are more and larger towboats on the lake each year that are designed to make formidable wakes, and more families are enjoying wake sports together.  

  • Legal abortion under vicious assault

        Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp recently signed the so-called “heartbeat abortion ban” into law, joining five other states that have passed similar legislation. It’s a blatant attempt to reach the U.S. Supreme Court and end legal abortion rights for American women.
        The law is ridiculous and punitive, and under Roe v. Wade, clearly unconstitutional. It would ban abortion after a fetal heartbeat can be detected, which can be as early as six weeks, even before a woman knows she’s pregnant.

  • ‘Democratic’ nomination circus

        As of this writing, President Donald Trump’s approval rating sits at 49 percent.