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  • Not what liberals want

        Rick Howell hasn’t mentioned a thing, lately, about President Donald Trump’s approval rating. I wonder if it’s because he and his fellow left-wingers are not happy with what they are seeing.

  • Letters 02/21/18

    Keeping the lake
    at full pond

        It is amazing that the level of Smith Mountain Lake can be constantly at 4’ to 5’ below full pond on a constant basis but cannot be kept at a constant full pond.
        The simple solution would be, don’t release any more water than what is coming into the lake. I believe that is what the pump back system from Leesville Lake was designed for.
    The severe consequences are:

  • Work requirement part of Medicaid reform

    By Delegate Scott Garrett

        This past Sunday, the House and Senate money committees released their separate versions of our Commonwealth’s biennial budget. I serve on the House Appropriations Committee and chair the Health and Human Resources subcommittee of that body.  Many of you may have read the headlines that the House of Delegates is “expanding Medicaid.”  Let me address some of the confusion and misinformation on this.

  • Healthcare has dominated media coverage

    By Senator Steve Newman

        This week, the 2018 General Assembly session passed the halfway mark of the legislative calendar, crossover. For the Senate, it’s been a very productive first half.
        Senators submitted 994 bills this session. By the crossover deadline, 469 had been approved and forwarded to the House of Delegates for consideration. That means we killed one-half of the bills before us which is also an important part of legislating.

  • Legislation developed in atmosphere of bipartisanship

    By Delegate Terry Austin

        The General Assembly is now at the midpoint of this year’s sixty-day session. It’s a good time to take stock of work accomplished during the session’s first thirty days.
        To date, the House of Delegates has put forth nearly 1,600 pieces of legislation.  This work covers a wide range of issues, from economic development to health care, from transportation to education, and much more.

  • Byron bill requires AEP to pass tax savings on to customers

    By Delegate Kathy Byron

        With crossover behind us and approval of a new two-year budget ahead, the 2018 General Assembly session entered its home stretch this week.

  • Republican plan would lower the cost of coverage and care

    By Senator David Sueterlein

        The 2018 General Assembly has now passed the critical “crossover” deadline when each chamber must finish work on all of its own non-budget bills. Going forward each chamber can now only be consider legislation originating from our friends across the building and I will have begun presenting our bills in House committees and subcommittees. Seventeen of the nineteen bills I introduced were advanced by the Senate and are now being considered by the House of Delegates committee system.

  • ACLU stance forgets about victims of theft

        Republicans and Democrats in Richmond showed bipartisan support for a proposal to increase the threshold at which a theft is considered a felony.
        The proposal raises the threshold from $200 to $500. Democrats advocated for the change and Republicans agreed to it because the change would require defendants to pay restitution before getting off some form of court-ordered supervision.
        But some folks aren’t buying into the change.