Today's Opinions

  • A bipartisan call for delay of the individual mandate within the President's healthcare law

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

    This week, after watching the failed roll out of Healthcare.gov take the spotlight, several new and unnerving facts emerged as Congress held hearings to investigate further the inner workings of the Administration’s handling and implementation of the President’s healthcare law. Maintaining and introducing the website should have been the simplest aspect of this complex piece of legislation, and if its failed roll out is any indication, it alarms me to think of what lies ahead.

  • Promoting American innovation and competition
  • Let’s serve veterans as well as they have served us

    By Daniel M. Dellinger
        During the recent government shutdown many numbers were thrown around. But there is one number that stands out and it has nothing to do with the debate over the federal budget.
        More than one a day. That is how many members of our active-duty military, National Guard and Reserve forces have committed suicide over the last year. Simply put, we are losing more servicemembers by their own hands than we are by the enemy in Afghanistan.

  • The mathematicians and the priests


    The argument between Republicans these days – no matter how last week’s elections turned out – has been described this way: it’s a battle between the mathematicians and the priests.
        The mathematicians in this theory would be the small tent of GOP moderates, especially the ones who understand population demographics.

  • The ObamaCare horror story rolls on

        ObamaCare continues to be the worst nightmare that our government has ever foisted on the American people.

  • Guns in the classroom

    Bedford County Supervisor John Sharp would like to see public school teachers have the right to carry concealed firearms to school, if they should so choose. The goal—making the schools safer while not costing the taxpayers any money.
        With that in mind the supervisors, last week, approved a request to ask the General Assembly to give school districts the option of allowing staff to carry their concealed firearms at school. The measure passed on a 6-1 vote; Supervisor Annie Pollard cast the only vote against the request.

  • Letters 10/30/13

    Record of public service

        It is our duty in this political climate of suspicion to elect competent leaders. The leader is Terry Austin, candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates for the 19th district.
        Terry has an impeccable record of public service making him the ideal candidate for this office.

  • Looking to the future: Putting in place meaningful reforms to Washington’s spending culture

    By Congressman Robert Hurt


    I am very grateful for the many Fifth District Virginians who contacted our offices over the course of the last several weeks as Washington once again proved that it is completely out of touch with the American people.