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  • Letters 10/23/13

    Time for some protectionism

        To emphasize the effects of the partial government shutdown, a T.V. news program interviewed a woman who asked “How am I going to feed my kids?” Perhaps the question might be, how many working people does it take to support our country’s social programs?
        More than we have!

  • A missed opportunity to control government spending

    A missed opportunity – that is what we witnessed this week in Washington. The funding package passed by the United States Senate and the House of Representatives and signed into law by the President does nothing to address the fundamental fiscal challenges facing our nation. The proposal raises the debt limit until February and merely delays discussion on debt and spending for a short time. During that time, the government will borrow roughly $200 billion dollars more.

  • Get it right

    By Clay Chastain

        It is not every century that a small town (post-reversion) is afforded the luxury of receiving an educational windfall ($6 million per year for 15 years) from the state for educational needs and improvements. Thus, it is imperative that Bedford optimize this bit of good fortune and get it right.
        Most would probably agree that improving Bedford’s high school and middle school are our greatest large scale educational priorities.

  • Our cowardly local congressmen

    I hope Bob Goodlatte, Robert Hurt and Morgan Griffith have all attached their “Don’t Tread on Me” bumper stickers to their vehicles, because it’s utterly clear now that they are owned by the “tea party” fanatics who shut down the government.
        It’s appropriate that those bumper stickers, featuring the little chopped-up snake on them, are colored yellow. That is the well-known shade of cowardice.

  • The Charge of the Light Brigade

        Half a league, half a league, Half a league onward,
 All in the valley of Death, Rode the six hundred. ‘Forward, the Light Brigade!
 Charge for the guns’ he said: Into the valley of Death
 Rode the six hundred. — From “The Charge of the Light Brigade” by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

  • Don’t wait until election day

    In less than two weeks Virginia voters will go to the polls. Local and statewide races will have important implications for years ahead. Voters shouldn’t wait until Tuesday, Nov. 5 to decide who to support. The time to do your research is now. Go to the polls as an educated voter; this isn’t the time to be uninformed, or worse, a partisan with no desire at getting to the truth.
        These elections matter.
        At the state level, of course, we will be electing a new governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general.

  • The Senate must join us at the negotiating table

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

    There is no denying that the current situation in Washington, which has led to a lapse in government operations, is unfortunate and needs to be rectified as soon as possible.  At the root of it all, our constitutional prerogatives are at stake.  Article One, Section Eight, which states the enumerated powers of Congress, expressly authorizes the U.S. Congress power of the purse.  It is our job to establish the spending priorities for the nation. 

  • Calling on the President and the Senate to negotiate and reopen the government

    By Congressman Robert Hurt