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  • Liberty University’s unholy gun policy

    In its advertising and promotions, Liberty University loves to tell the public that it is producing “Champions for Christ.”
        Yet, it is not a divinity school; it pretends to be like any other college or university in the secular world of higher education. But in all those other places, education – the profound search for higher knowledge – is a calling that certainly can’t be entangled with religion.

  • A change for the worse

        Everything eventually comes to and end. I was reminded of this as I sat in Delegate Lacey Putney’s office doing the interview for the story on him that appeared in last week’s Bedford Bulletin. He’s never lost an election, but time finally did what no political opponent could do. Next year’s General Assembly will convene without Lacey Putney for the first time in more than half a century. I certainly wish him, and Carmela, well in his retirement.

  • Balancing justice

    In his closing arguments Monday at the sentencing hearing of Anthony Ware, special prosecutor John Alexander, the Botetourt County deputy commonwealth’s attorney, argued that there’s a perception that folks of means can steal hundreds of thousands of dollars through embezzlement and not face jail time while someone might not be so lucky for taking a few bucks out of the cash register of the local convenience store.

  • Letters 04/03/13


        As a recent retiree, I enjoy watching the news daily on both Ch 10 & Ch 13.
        In recent months, several traffic accidents have occurred where a motorist has rolled their vehicle ( car, truck or tractor trailer). In most cases, the driver has been charged with “failure to have their vehicle under control.”
        A police officer or fireman can roll their vehicle and be excused.

  • Reducing Washington-created uncertainty and over-reach

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

  • Obamacare: Three years later
  • Benefits for veterans’ children with birth defects

    By Bob Kibler

        Children who have spina bifida or certain other birth defects and are biological children of Veterans with qualifying service in Vietnam or Korea may be eligible for a range of VA benefits, starting with compensation, a monthly monetary allowance based on the child’s degree of disability.

    About spina bifida
        Spina bifida is a condition in which the spine fails to close properly during pregnancy.

  • My winding road to the classroom

    By Kristina Karnes
    Staunton River Middle School

        Editor’s note: This essay by local teacher Kristina Karnes of Staunton River Middle School recently appeared in the Virginia Journal of Education, the magazine of the Virginia Education Association. It is reprinted with permission.