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  • The Religious Right is dead … Amen!

        In the 1988 Republican presidential caucuses in Iowa, television preacher Pat Robertson shocked the political world with a second-place finish behind winner Bob Dole.
        George H. W. Bush, the eventual nominee and president, finished a poor third. But the talk of the media and the political intelligentsia was Robertson and the power of what began to be called “the religious right.”

  • It’s still a harsh economy


  • Believest thou this?

    Matthew 27:50-54 (KJV)

  • Letters 03/20/13

    That’s what I was thinking
        Being one of the 51 percent who voted for Obama,  I just want to respond to Richard Ruff’s letter to the Editor  (Bedford Bulletin March 13, 2013) “What were they thinking?”

  • House of Representatives

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

    This past week, the House of Representatives introduced our budget priorities and we considered two important pieces of legislation to reduce the size and scope of the federal government and get 5th District Virginians and all Americans back to work.




  • Budgeting for the future

    Each year the House of Representatives is responsible for producing a budget for the upcoming fiscal year. This week, House Republicans introduced our budget plan, The Path to Prosperity. The House plan is a responsible step in the right direction and tackles our spending problem head-on.


  • Cultivating Big Dreams on a Small Scale

    By J. Calvin Parrish
    State Executive Director
    USDA – Farm Service Agency

        Throughout my tenure as State Executive Director for the Virginia Farm Service Agency (FSA), I have met several small and beginning farmers interested in making a living in production agriculture. 

  • Take time before allowing sludge here

    By Ken Burger
    Big Island

        There was a time when we were certain that asbestos was safe. We knew confidently that it was a great resource for insulation: cheap, easy to use and effective.  That was then. Now we know better, because science teaches us truthfully of the dangers that asbestos presents to anyone who inhales the particles.  Who of us has not seen the ads for “mesothelioma?”