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  • Suddenly, he’s against hatred? Not buying it

        We all know by now that gun massacres are simply a way of life in America, pretty much like a baseball game or buying a Slurpee at 7-11.
        They’re commonplace; and they can happen anywhere at any time. Other countries have long since taken measures – meaning regulation of guns – to prevent such massacres. But in America, even as late as 2019, we have different priorities.

  • Will recent events hurt Trump next year?

        Will recent events hurt President Donald Trump in the 2020 election?
        Late last month, we had his infamous “go back where you came from” tweet aimed at four “Democrat” extremists in the House of Representatives. This tweet was not a rash act. It was a calculated move on the part of President Trump. It wasn’t an effort to rally his base, either.

  • Letters 08-07-19

    Solar Power

        I love my $8 power bill!
        While my neighbors and co-workers are complaining about their power bills, we had solar panels installed on our roof last year, right on the carport. It feeds into the power grid and was set up to cover most of our power needs. The unit will pay for itself in a few years and then return $$$ on our investment.

  • Time to speak: Gun owner, not gun freak

    By Stephen Nash

        Listen up, Bedford area gun owners, especially if you’re a Republican. Each of us has powerful leverage to affect legislation in Virginia right now. It only takes a few keyboard clicks and quick voicemails.
        Oh, and it will also require your conviction that you’re a thinking voter, not a cartoon drawn by addled extremists in Washington and in our state legislature who ignore their own constituents.

  • Some try to stifle progress

    Richard H. Ruff

        The Roanoke Times had an excellent editorial on June 10th, celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Golden Spike that tied the nation back together after the Civil War.

  • Close all unnecessary U.S. military bases

        I’ll start with a question: If any of us were to ask “the average American” how many military bases our country operates around the world, would anyone actually know?
        Surely, we can agree that the answer is “no.” We can probably agree on something else: Whatever the number, it’s certain that most Americans believe that we need all those bases – every single one – because it’s for our basic defense. That’s where they would all be wrong.

  • We need to change minds

        As a solidly pro-life person, I resent have taxpayer money used to fund something that I believe is legalized infanticide.
        None of us pay taxes voluntarily. The government uses its coercive power to take tax money from us. Using money that I have no choice but to turn over to the government to support abortion providers means I’m being forced by my government to support something that I believe is evil.  

  • A house divided

    By James F. Burns
    Retired professor
    University of Florida

        A humble carpenter’s son warned us that “a house divided against itself cannot stand.”  In an era of deep division within our country, we need some unifying perspective.  Two family writings may provide this perspective.