Today's Opinions

  • ‘Good Christian’ Sarah Sanders leaving Trump

        Donald Trump is losing one of his top enablers at the end of the month, announcing last week that White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be leaving her post.
                 In a joint public appearance with her, Trump put on his usual show of hugs and kisses with the women who work for him. He’s a sexual harasser from way back and he doesn’t mind letting it show in public.

  • Pessimistic about America’s future

        As I mentioned last week, political trends in America have me very pessimistic about the future of our democracy. I’m concerned that, come 2020, we may be faced with the choice the hero of Voltaire’s novel, Candide, was faced with.

  • Letters 06-12-19

    Thank You!

        The members of VFW Peaks of Otter Post 2157 would like to publicly salute and thank all of the individuals who helped us place flags on the graves of Veterans for the Memorial Day Holiday. Your sacrifice of time to help, honors their sacrifice of service.

    John DeLong

    Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congentia

  • Bedford handled D-Day anniversary so well

        It was just great to see how well things came together in a very impressive way for the 75th anniversary of D-Day, commemorated in the town where the national memorial so clearly belongs.
        For everyone involved, from the town to the people at the memorial, and many others, congratulations and gratitude should be extended. It’s clear that Bedford and its officials really do understand and appreciate the historic role our community played in one of the most profound events of human history.

  • A gloomy outlook for our democracy

        I saw an interesting Rasmussen poll a week ago. They set up a hypothetical matchup of Donald Trump versus Robert Mueller in a 2020 presidential race, then asked people who they preferred for president. Mueller did very well against President Trump. It came out a virtual tie.
        Maybe the “Democrats” should dump the collection of losers who are contending for the Donkey Party’s nod and nominate Mueller.

  • A fitting tribute

         Congratulations to the National D-Day Memorial Foundation, the community and the many groups and organizations that helped make the 75th anniversary of D-Day an honoring tribute to both those who lost their lives in the invasion at Normandy as well as to those who served in World War II and survive today.

        Some 100 WWII veterans were able to be a part of the events here in Bedford and the thousands who turned out for Thursday’s ceremony at the Memorial were able to make them feel very appreciated for their service.

  • Letters 06-05-19

    Supports Miller

        On June 11,  I’ll be voting in the Republican Primary.  With the well-deserved retirement of Mike Brown, we find ourselves with three Republican candidates for Bedford County Sheriff ( 2 independent candidates will also run in the General Election in November).  

  • He embarrasses us everywhere

        President Boy Child has gotten back from Japan, and everyone should be relieved. It’s so embarrassing to see other countries witness up close from this idiotic clown what we in America tolerate every day.
         Our country is highly respected around the world, and most foreign nations wonder greatly what is going on in the United States. Is he really their president?