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  • Private sector, not public, unions

        I’ve always thought it is wise that Virginia does not allow collective bargaining by public sector unions. Collective bargaining by public sector unions allows a small group of citizens to hold the rest of the public hostage by going out strike, or threatening a strike, if the government doesn’t give them what they want. This is unfair as all taxpaying citizens must pay for whatever the government gives the union members.

  • Letters 02-06-19

    Why is Nancy opposed to
    securing our

        Mr. Howell’s column extolling Nancy Pelosi, cost me a perfectly good breakfast.

  • Bill will emphasize skills based assessments over standardized testing

    By Senator David Suetterlein
    District 19

        The 2019 General Assembly is quickly approaching our February 5 “Crossover” deadline to consider all the bills in the chamber where they were introduced. The looming deadline has led to lengthy committee meetings and floor sessions on each end of the Capitol to consider the 1,995 bills submitted by legislators this year.

  • $15 an hour minimum wage would have cost jobs

    By Senator Steve Newman,
    Senate of Virginia President pro tempore

    Legislators have submitted 1,995 bills for their colleagues to consider during this year’s General Assembly session.  That’s a lot of legislation to consider over the course of 46 days.
    Only a handful of the bills and resolutions considered by the General Assembly generate attention from the news media.  And, those issues that are the most contentious, highlighting the differences between the parties or regions garner more attention than any other.

  • Bills will promote workforce development

    By Kathy J. Byron
    22nd House District

        The third week of the 2019 General Assembly was filled with dozens committee and subcommittee meetings. We’ve entered into the part of session where bills are being processed at a rapid rate. Legislators are moving quickly between meetings, both to present bills they are sponsoring and to hear their colleagues present bills.

  • Legislation will improve school safety

    By Delegate Terry L. Austin
    19th House District

  • Nancy Pelosi rolls Trump; shutdown ends

        When voters put Democrats in control of the House of Representatives last fall, everyone knew it would lead to a day of reckoning for Donald Trump, our hopelessly corrupt and deeply incompetent president.
        As a petulant schoolyard-bully type, President Boy Child views everything as a fight. But this past week, he got rolled by a woman, and we know how particularly galling that must be to him.

  • Union stands for teachers’ interests

        Bedford County’s school board will soon be developing the school budget for the next school year. One of the things we can expect is that teachers’ union representatives will speak to the board to ask for teacher pay raises.