Today's Opinions

  • Truth doesn't change over time

        It was interesting to read, in last week’s Liberal Agenda, that Rick Howell is thinking of ordaining me. He wrote that perhaps he should consider calling me “Pastor” Barnhart. I’m Anglican, so I would be Father Barnhart. However, Mr. Howell isn’t in a position to ordain anyone and I’m not a candidate for the priesthood.

  • Letters 07/24/13


        There has been much ado about the verdict in the George Zimmerman case. Rioting in the streets, calls for vengeance and retribution, hip-hop artists calling for vengeance, the jurors are being interviewed on news outlets and now the feds looking into state laws. It would appear that we have missed the mark and the bigger picture on the whole issue.

  • House passes my bipartisan bill to protect jobs

    By Congressman Robert Hurt


  • The House has acted to suspend mandates in the president’s health care law 

    By Congressman Rober Hurt

  • Student success starts locally

    Nothing is more important to America’s future than ensuring a high-quality education for our nation's children.

  • People should learn: Live and let live

    I’m not about to get into a weeks-long back and forth about the Bible, Scripture, “fulfilling the law,” and other such religious stuff.
        I write about politics and government. My own religious beliefs are my personal business and I don’t see political activity as a religious crusade, as the “Christian conservatives” do.

  • The lynch mob mentality

        Being charged with a crime is never a good thing, but it could be especially bad for a black man 100 years ago. The biggest problem wasn’t that he could face racial bias from a jury when he had his day in court; it was possible that he wouldn’t even live long enough to have his day in court. He could end up being lynched, even if the crime he was accused of would not carry the death penalty if he had been convicted.

  • Welcome delay

    Sometimes you have to take what you can get.
        In the case of the Affordable Care Act, that means welcoming the delay, until 2015, for businesses with at least 50 “full-time” employees being forced to provide health insurance for their employees, or face fines.
        The businesses weren’t ready; neither was the federal government.
        And the truth is, politics won the day.