Today's Opinions

  • Promoting sustainability

    By Tommy Foster
    Fx2 Farm
    Bedford County

        As to the Board of Supervisors and Planning meeting on Feb. 11 which I attended and spoke briefly, I offer the following written clarification and re-statement:

  • Budget, transportation issues being negotiated

    By Sen. Steve Newman
    23rd District

        With only days remaining until the 2013 session is scheduled to adjourn, the Virginia General Assembly is negotiating the highest profile measures under consideration: the budget and transportation.  As session is winding down, work on all legislation must be done by this Saturday, Feb. 23.

  • General Assembly full of activity as session end draws near

    By Del. Kathy Byron
    22nd House District

        With just one week remaining before the General Assembly is scheduled to adjourn, there has been a lot of activity in Richmond. 

  • Commentary: Still concerns with Zoning Ordinance proposal

    By Lynn C. Barnes
    Former District 2 Planning Commission member

        While the Board of Supervisors has substantially modified its original Zoning Ordinance proposal, some remaining items are of concern and I request that they seriously consider rejecting the following:

  • A long-term gun control strategy

    The gun control debate, renewed in December and January after the brutal child massacres in Newtown, Connecticut, has calmed down a bit, despite having been featured in President Obama’s State of the Union Address.
        This is certainly not a surprise. We live in an age when the 24-hour news cycle constantly turns over new and newer topics. Thus, even the horror of the murder of little children who ought to be safe at school, has faded a bit since it happened.

  • We’re unhappy with both

        Rick Howell’s “Liberal Agenda” last week reminds me of how he and his fellow Bolsheviks crowed when Barack Obama was first elected president in 2008.

  • Truth be told: It’s already unraveling

    he news should come as no surprise to anyone: The government program to cover those who cannot get health insurance because of a preexisting medical condition is out of money. After just two years.
        And for anyone who isn’t already signed up in the plan, it’s too late.
        Those who trusted the government to get this right were living a fantasy. The truth about government run entitlement programs is this: It will always cost more money than is advertised and it will be run with great ineffectiveness.

  • Letters 02/13/13

    Knights in
    shining armor

        On Friday morning, February 1, I had an unfortunate event when all the lug nuts on one of the front wheels of my Jeep decided to “shear off” while on my way to work.  Needless to say, thank God I was on a secondary road driving at a slow speed.
        No sooner than I started to dial the number for a tow truck, a fellow stopped to assist me, and identified himself as George.  He said to give him 10 minutes -- that he’d send a couple guys to assist me.