Today's Opinions

  • He can’t win with ‘the race card’

        After last week’s Congressional testimony by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, some basic facts of Russia’s support for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and its aftermath are clear.
        First, the campaign willingly and enthusiastically accepted help from the foreign government of Russia in order to “get dirt” on Hillary Clinton. That was, very simply, treason. They’ve lied about it ever since.

  • The tweet was calculated

        The current theme in the media about President Donald Trump’s “go back where they came from” tweet is that it was just some reckless spur of the moment thing. In reality, it wasn’t a case where he just couldn’t help himself. It wasn’t some crazy tweet, something that he did on the spur of the moment after getting up to pee in the middle of the night. This tweet was calculated. His goal was to unite the “Democratic” Party.

  • Trump reminds us again: He’s a vile racist

        It was good to see the House of Representatives denounce the contemptible and utterly racist remarks of the miserable Donald Trump, aimed at four women of color in our Congress.
         Everyone knows by now that, in one of his crazy tweets, he used the old racist trope “go back to where you came from” to hurl at the women. It’s the same old cry that’s been said by white American bigots for a long time, aimed at Irish Catholics, Chinese, Italians, Jews, African-Americans, and now, at Hispanics and Muslims.

  • Alexandria Ocasio-Lenin

        It’s been interesting to watch the battle going on inside the “Democratic” Party between its so called “moderates” and party’s extreme left wing. Personally, I don’t think there is such a thing as a moderate “Democrat.” Genuine moderates were run out of the party years ago. This struggle is between left-wingers and left-wing extremists.

  • Uniting the Democrats

        Last week President Trump did what it seemed wouldn’t be possible this election cycle—he united the Democrats.
        When the President made his now widespread tweets that were interpreted as meant to refer to four congresswomen going back from where they came, he ignited a firestorm of criticism and put a damper on what had been a growing battle between the new Democratic progressives and the older guard of that Party.

  • Riggleman applauds expansion of broadband in Bedford County

        Congressman Denver Riggleman applauded Comcast’s expansion of broadband to Bedford County in the 5th District.  
        Comcast, in partnership with Bedford County, announced the launch of a project to extend broadband service to more than 7,000 addresses in Smith Mountain Lake, Va. Comcast plans to begin rolling-out services to parts of the area this month with an expected completion of the project by year-end.

  • Water Safety Council thanks boat operators for fireworks-watching behavior

        The Smith Mountain Lake Water Safety Council, together with SML-area law enforcement, thanked all boat operators who honored the No-Wake Protocol while traveling into and out of Independence Day weekend fireworks viewing areas.
        Very few instances of boats making wakes as they arrived and departed were observed at fireworks events on July 4 at Mariner’s Landing, July 5 at Mitchell’s Marina and July 6 at Saunder’s Parkway Marina.

  • Warren, Harris shine on campaign trail

        Former Vice President Joe Biden continues to be the front-runner among 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, but there are two women in his rear-view mirror who are gaining fast.
         Two members of the U.S. Senate, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, and Kamala Harris of California, are winning notice, raising money, and rising in polls because of highly effective, even inspirational, campaigning.