Today's Opinions

  • Illegal immigration poses challenge for Virginia

    I would like to dedicate this week?s column to a dear friend and community leader, Louise English. I was very saddened to hear news from home of the passing of Louise English. My heartfelt sympathy and prayers are extended to her family. Her Christian faith and love of the community will be felt for generations to come.

  • McCain: Still fighting the GOP establishment

    John McCain’s rise from the ashes of the Republican presidential race has amazed everyoneee.but him.

    Late last summer, with Rudy Giuliani firmly installed as “national frontrunner,” McCain’s campaign was losing money and staffers at an alarming rate. With an accompanying dip in the polls, most observers wrote him off and figured that Iowa and/or New Hampshire would finish him.

  • Don't forget to vote on Feb. 12

    I don't know what the results of Super-Duper-Ohm'gosh! Tuesday will be as I write this. We go to press on Tuesday afternoon and folks are still voting around the country as we transmit our pages to Roanoke. Nevertheless, I will hazard a prediction: nobody will come out of the Feb. 5 slate of primaries with a headlock on their party's nomination. This means you really ought to vote in Virginia's presidential primaries.

  • Double talk

    Every now and then our readers take offense at something said, or not said, in the pages of the Bulletin — or at some injustice they perceive that has taken place in the community.

    When their ire is raised enough, they sometimes choose to call or write a letter to the editor and state their case. We certainly have seen that recently with such issues as the hospital's choice to stop funding a local pediatrician, with the Oakwood Villas development and with last November's sheriff's race.

  • Legislation will protect employers from government harassment

    Legislation has been introduced in the House of Representatives to ensure that an employer may require employees to speak English in the workplace. I am one of the sponsors of H. R. 4464.

  • Economic crisis needs a deeper debate

    All Republicans needed was yet another election year issue that won’t play out very well for them. They’ll already have to defend the war in Iraq, and many of the other failures and problems brought to us by George W. Bush.

    But now, they’ve got the economy, too. Since they’ve controlled the White House and both houses of Congress for the great majority of the last eight years, they’ll be held accountable if the economy slips into a recession.

  • Bill is important for Virginia business

    This week, Richmond got colder, the General Assembly Building got crowded, and Brunswick Stew had its own official day. It’s just another event-filled week at the 2008 General Assembly session, with an awful lot going on all at once.

  • We must look beyond the economy

    Although recent events have focused the presidential primary debates on the economy, it's important to remember that national security is important too. It's a dangerous world out there and there are some foreign national leaders who will represent a serious challenge for our next president.