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  • Letters 05-01-19


        I read our lovely landfill will be full sooner than expected and it will cost many millions to expand it and possibly not in time.
        At the same time today, I saw a new show my 4-year-old wanted to watch on PBS in which they had a trash problem and solved it by 90% reduction of garbage. Using recycling, reuse and reduction and more. The show is called Cyberchase I think in case you also have a 4-year-old who thinks it’s age appropriate for them to watch.

  • Biden’s in, and he can beat Trump

        You know you’re a heavyweight in presidential politics when you’re the 20th candidate to announce in your party, but you’re the immediate front-runner, and in 24 hours, you raise more money than any other candidate did their first day.
        That’s Joe Biden, of course, who finally ended speculation and jumped into the race. Many Democrats are delighted, because we believe that he’s the most credible candidate of the lot, and that he has the stuff to beat Donald Trump.

  • The voice of the people

        Bedford County’s board of supervisors heard the voice of the people last week when they held a public hearing on the real estate tax rate. Four of the seven listened.

  • In wake of Bedford fatality, use caution

        The state’s largest farming organization is urging motorists to use caution around farm vehicles after a fatal accident Tuesday in Bedford County involving a 75-year-old farmer.
        According to police, Ralph Edward Reynolds Jr. of Bedford was making a left turn off U.S. Route 221 when his tractor was hit by a tractor-trailer trying to pass in a no-passing zone.

  • Boating Season is About to Start – Are You Ready?

    Compiled by Tom Merriman

        Can’t wait to start boating?  A little preparation will go a long way toward an enjoyable and safe boating season.  Think of this time as an annual physical exam for your boat.

  • Sztanding on the Water

    By Randy Stow
    SML Water Safety Council

        It’s early morning, the sky is clear with a light breeze and you’re out gently paddling your SUP.  Life is good at SML!

  • Women’s History Month essay contest

        The Bedford Museum and Genealogical Library’s annual Women’s History Month essay contest celebrated the 400th anniversary of the Virginia House of Burgesses this year by encouraging children in the second to eight grade, to write about a woman that is or was in Governmental power.

  • He tried to obstruct justice

        Under any circumstances, it would be disturbing to witness a man in his 70s who exhibits all the habits, mentality, and attitudes of a 10-year-old. So, how disturbing is it if that man happens to be president of the United States?
        This is what we face in the America today, as we witness the daily proof that Donald Trump is unstable, dangerous, and deeply narcissistic. Yet, he’s in the Oval Office, and he has the power to wake up one morning, send a tweet, and start a nuclear war.