Today's Opinions

  • Political theater

        All the wrangling over President Donald Trump’s border wall has been nothing but political theater.
        In spite of their self-righteous pronouncements, the “Democrats’” opposition to President Trump’s wall has nothing to do with principle. The real reason, and the only reason for the opposition by “Democratic” Party’s leadership, is that it wants to deny President Trump the fulfillment of a campaign promise. It’s all political.

  • Sunshine Week

    By Jim Zachary
    CNHI Deputy National Editor
    Editor, The Valdosta Daily Times

        For government to be of, by and for the people it must be out in front of the people.
        The theme for Sunshine Week 2019 is simply, “It’s your right to know.”
        The reason it’s your right to know is that it’s your government.
        From the courthouse, to the statehouse to the White House, it is your right to know what government is up to.

  • Letters 03/06/19

    Leaning signs

        In Bedford at the top of the ramp from E. Main St up to Rt 460 W is a Yield sign that is leaning about 45 degrees away from the road.
        It has been gradually leaning over the past year or more, but now is leaning so much that motorists are running out into much faster traffic. A vehicle travelling at 45-50 mph  on Rt 460 W should not be forced to yield to a vehicle going 25-30 as they come up the ramp. Who has jurisdiction of this sign - VDOT or the Town of Bedford?

  • ‘A racist…a con man…a cheat’

        Attorney Michael Cohen’s testimony before Congress last week marked the first time that a close former associate of President Deeply Corrupt volunteered to speak to the nation about his work for the most contemptible president we’ve ever witnessed.
        Remember that Cohen was someone who once said that he’d “take a bullet” for Donald Trump. But facing both prison and the condemnation of history, Cohen had a “come to Jesus” moment, if you will.

  • ‘Democrats’ should beware

        President Donald Trump’s approval rating in the most recent Rasmussen Poll, as of this writing, is holding at 47 percent. As has been true for the last year or so, President Trump’s approval rating has paralleled that of Barack Obama at the same point in his first term.

  • Faith, hope and pluck

    By James F. Burns
    Retired professor
    University of Florida

        The free exercise of religion is the rock upon which America was built.  But it was the free exercise of ambition which did the building.
        Ambition took tiny Burt Perrine—he stood 5’7”—from Indiana to Idaho in 1881.  A small man with big ideas, Burt invested his money in milk cows, selling fresh milk to copper mining communities.  His travels took him to the rim of the Snake River canyon.   

  • Letters 02/27/19

    Tax heroes return to Bedford

        Each year a small but dedicated band of AARP volunteers show up in Bedford to help seniors navigate the frequently illogical and always mind-numbing document we all know as the tax return.  These men and women begin in early February and show up twice a week until the 12th hour for returns in April. 

  • Budget adds to rainy day fund

    By Delegate T. Scott Garrett, M.D.
    23rd House District

        I am happy to report that I’m home from my tenth General Assembly Session in Richmond! My wife, Whitney, came over to Richmond last Friday for us to participate in Haley Gray’s graduation from the Senate Page Program.  We couldn’t be prouder of the young lady she’s becoming. It’s good to all be back under one roof again!