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  • Letters 04/10/19

    Supports Miller for Sheriff

        As I approach my retirement, having served 40 years with the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office, I want to express my sincere appreciation to the citizens of our county for their continued support of the law enforcement community.
        A change of leadership at the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office is imminent at the end of this year, thus I ask for your support of candidate Mike Miller.

  • The Blue Ridge Garden Girls

    Back in April nineteen twenty-nine
    The Blue Ridge Garden Girls were doing just fine.
    They were making plans, you see,
    for beautifying Bedford with flowers and trees.

    Then in nineteen thirty-nine
    they decided it was time
    to plant the first memorial trees
    at Laage Park and the Bedford Library.

    Year by year with shovel in hand
    they went about landscaping Bedford’s fair land.
    They wore their hats and a glove or two
    as they strolled down Part Street and Longwood Avenue.

  • Medicare-X: Low cost, high quality health care in every ZIP code by 2024

    By Sen. Tim Kaine
        Last week, the Trump Administration endorsed eliminating the Affordable Care Act entirely, threatening to take health care away from millions of people.

  • Fuel surcharge and truck registration fee increases to fund I-81 work

    By Delegate Terry L. Austin
    19th House District

        This past Wednesday the General Assembly reconvened for what is colloquially known as “Veto Session” in which both chambers voted on the Governor’s various amendments and vetoes for legislation passed in 2019. In this session nearly forty bills that were sent back to the House and debated.

  • We’re devoted to militarism

         With so many Democratic presidential candidates going before voters next year, it’s a sure bet that health care reform – specifically, what’s being called “Medicare for All,” will be a major issue.
         We’re the last modern industrialized country not to fully accept the idea that health care is a right, not a privilege, and that we should find a way to ensure health care coverage for everyone, not just those with money.

  • Don’t do a cut and run

        Earlier this year, I was concerned that President Trump was about to pull an Obama-style cut and run in Syria and Afghanistan. He started talking about pulling U. S. troops out of both countries and he made it sound like he was going to do it right away.

  • Last minute advice

        It’s that time again.
         With just days remaining before the federal tax-filing deadline, the Internal Revenue Service reminds taxpayers they have a variety of options to get help preparing and filing their tax returns on IRS.gov. Taxpayers can also find answers to their tax questions and resolve tax issues on IRS.gov, the official IRS website.

  • Why all Christians need to be part Lenten, Holy Week events

    By John Salley
    Bedford Presbyterian Church.
    The seven weeks of Lent make up a special 40 day period of prayer and fasting, leading up to Easter Sunday, when Christians are called to reflect upon the life they are now living in view of the life that Jesus gave up for our salvation.
    This season begins on Ash Wednesday, with Catholics and an increasing number of Protestant foreheads marked by a smudge of ash to remind us that from dust you came and to dust you shall return (Genesis 3:19).