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  • Letter 08/15/18

    Quick response

  • Setting the record straight

    By Glenn Ayers

        A few words are needed to correct various suppositions in Beck Stanley’s op-ed piece in the Bulletin’s August 8 edition, lest they create the “cultural crisis” he describes. As it is, many of his assertions are nearly incomprehensible; others so divorced from fact as to be unbelievable.

  • Stewart’s a drag on the GOP statewide

        With the Labor Day holiday just around the corner, voters will settle in for the midterm elections of 2018, which are likely to end in a stunning repudiation of this scandal-plagued, dishonest and corrupt president.
        Just about every day, Donald Trump demonstrates anew why he is setting new standards for the phrase “worst president ever.” It’s simply amazing to watch this clownish figure prove over and over again why he’s not fit to be where he finds himself.

  • More humor from Rick Howell

        Rick Howell’s Liberal Agenda is always hilarious when he starts talking about the Bible. This is because Mr. Howell makes it clear that he doesn’t understand it well. Sometimes I wonder if he has ever read it at all.

  • Standing together

        This week, on their editorial pages, newspapers across this nation are standing together to support the role journalism plays in a free society. We support that effort.
        Journalists should not be branded as an “enemy of the people” as our President has said. Journalism plays a key role in helping to get information out to the people that otherwise wouldn’t be known.

  • Letters 08/08/18

    Prayer In Schools

        As public schools open shortly across the land,this letter to the editor written 50 years ago appeared  May 16, 1968, written by the late Mrs. Lula Falls of Forest. She was a frequent writer to the Bedford Bulletin and wrote this letter when she was 82 years old. The timely message it contains still applies to our school system today and consequently because the American public has not heeded the message,the present generation continues to suffer.

    Submitted by Steve Everett

    Dear Editor,

  • Blind faith isn’t admirable

    By Beck Stanley

        Faith in an individual or an idea is admirable. Blind faith is not. Despite vivid evidence of a cultural crisis at Bedford County Public Schools under the leadership of Drs. Doug Schuch and Mac Duis, some elected officials remain steadfast in their support of these men.
        Here’s why you shouldn’t trust them.

  • ‘End times’ obsessions don’t justify Trump

        Last week, I wrote about the residents of a small Alabama town filled with white Trump supporters who resented the civil rights movement, obsessed over abortion, and regarded Trump’s election as “God’s plan.”
        By their own words, townspeople revealed their prejudice (“slaves were valued”), their hatred of Hillary Clinton, referred to as “of Satan,” and something else: Their obsession with what’s commonly known in fundamentalist Christian circles as “the end times.”