Today's Opinions

  • You think he’s been cleared? Not so fast

        President Boy Child and his more feverish supporters are almost acting as though they won the lottery, or something. Of course, money is God to Donald Trump and he doesn’t need such winnings. But his supporters are always searching for anything to justify their devotion.

  • It depends on who you ask

        I’ve been pondering Rick Howell’s “Liberal Agenda” column from the Bedford Bulletin’s March 20 edition. He took a break from the one-note symphony he has been playing for nearly two years now — telling us how much he hates President Donald Trump — to come to the defense of a fellow denizen of the “Democratic” Party’s extreme left swamp.

  • Drive safe through work zones

    By Ken King, P.E.
    District Engineer
    Salem District

        Each spring, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and other state DOTs recognize Work Zone Awareness Week to remind drivers of the importance of avoiding distractions and driving safely through work zones. We invite you to join VDOT in the annual observance of National Work Zone Awareness Week April 8-12. This week is a reminder that work zone safety is everyone’s responsibility.

  • Letter 03-27-19

    Disgracing their

        I read the article “Bedford PD to carry mags honoring ‘Bedford Boy’” in the 13 March 2019 (vol. 58, no. 51) edition of “The Bedford Bulletin”.  I was horrified, repulsed and shocked.

  • A life story

    By James F. Burns
    Retired professor
    University of Florida

        March is the month of my 80th birthday.  I grew up in a hilly and woodsy section of semi-rural Ohio.  A neighbor’s car rolled down one of those hills and into a lake.  When retrieved by a wrecker, the car was full of fish.  A wag called out, “That’s a heck of a way to go fishing.”

  • Destination Bedford!

    By Nicole S. Johnson
    Director of Tourism

        Tourism is a dynamic and competitive industry that requires consistent engagement and investment. 

  • Is Trump’s mental illness getting worse?

        In a remarkable weekend of anger, mental instability, and childlike petulance, this ridiculous excuse for a president we’re enduring appears to have crashed and burned mentally in a single 48 hours, tweeting and re-tweeting crazy stuff at least 52 times.
        At a time when most people were thinking about the victims in the world’s latest act of gun violence in New Zealand, well, it was a subject far from Donald Trump’s disturbed mind.

  • War over war powers

        While the media has been obsessed over President Donald Trump’s war with the ghost of John McCain, Congress has been fussing over U. S. aid to Saudi Arabia in that country’s war against Houthi rebels in Yemen.