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  • Private sector, not public, unions

        I’ve always thought it is wise that Virginia does not allow collective bargaining by public sector unions. Collective bargaining by public sector unions allows a small group of citizens to hold the rest of the public hostage by going out strike, or threatening a strike, if the government doesn’t give them what they want. This is unfair as all taxpaying citizens must pay for whatever the government gives the union members.

  • Leaving a stain

        Governor Ralph Northam’s job might have been saved.
        And it’s not because of any apology or commitment to championing racial equality over the rest of his term. No, it’s simple politics.
        When news broke of Northam’s blackface past, cries went out from both Democrats and Republicans for him to resign. Few believed he could weather the storm he was facing. Democrat potential presidential candidates called for him to leave office; so did former Virginia governors and other national figures.

  • Letters 02-06-19

    Why is Nancy opposed to
    securing our

        Mr. Howell’s column extolling Nancy Pelosi, cost me a perfectly good breakfast.

  • Northam sets off fire storm with comments

    By Sen. David Suetterlein
    District 19

        While the media’s attention has largely been on major political scandals regarding Virginia’s Executive, the General Assembly remained focused on the legislative work at hand. Robust debates and deciding votes took place this week, on legislation to end the possibility of a massive unlegislated tax increase on Virginians, increasing the age to purchase tobacco, allowing abortions up to and including the time of birth, and anti-gerrymandering redistricting reform.

  • Democrat’s bill would allow late term abortions

    By Kathy J. Byron
    22nd House District

    Most years, General Assembly sessions are notable for the legislation that passed, the legislation that didn’t, and the various disputes, noteworthy protests, and occasional budget standoffs that grab headlines.  The 2019 session appears poised to surpass all of those, and is well on its way to being one of the most memorable and eventful sessions ever.

  • Republicans announce teacher pay raises

    By Delegate Terry L. Austin
    19th House District

  • Real Christians wouldn’t support Trump

        It’s a given that the religious right makes up a large portion of what’s called Donald Trump’s “base,” the motley collection of the misguided, feeble-minded, and more sinister, extremist, racist types who actually cast ballots for the worst president ever.
        The “Christian conservatives,” as many like to call themselves, labor under the illusion that God not only takes sides in politics, but takes their side! Yes, you see, according to them, God is a conservative.

  • A very good man

        Harris Printing passed into local history last Friday. Robert Harris, who founded it, owned and ran it turns 89 in June and, after a lifetime of working, was just wearing out.
        The Bedford business community is going to miss him Long time customers are going to have to find somebody else to do their printing work and it may not be easy to find somebody who does his quality of work, with his reliability, for his reasonable prices.