Today's Opinions

  • ‘A blaze of glory’

    By James F. Burns
    Retired professor
    University of Florida

        A potent personality—plus tact, talent, and tenacity—took Mary Hosbrook from the farm to a career as an artist and entrepreneur. 
        Her life linked the 1860s to the 1960s, a century of expanding civil rights and women asserting their place in society.  Mary Hosbrook, my great-aunt, was a pioneer in this post-Civil War period.

  • One thing’s clear: He’s Russia’s boy

        Like everything else he’s touched, Donald Trump has turned American foreign policy on its head, seemingly trying to make our enemies our friends and even threatening the NATO alliance.
        His suck-up performance – it can’t be called anything else – at the so-called summit with Vladimir Putin was disgusting and outrageous, coming just days after 12 Russians had been indicted for meddling in our presidential election, the same one that “elected” him.

  • Trump has a way with words

        President Donald Trump certainly has a way with words. Most recently, a comment he made after his summit with Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin got him in the doghouse with both parties and led him to issue a clarification of the comments.

  • Social media

        Social media has a lot of upsides—information gets out fast, you can connect easily with your friends both near and far and celebrities can connect to their fans.
        And there’s many more good points that could be noted.
        But those same good points can also have negative consequences.

  • letters 07/18/18

    Groundhogs, not trucks

        I have lived in Bedford County all of my life and pay a rather large sum in taxes to the county.
        Back in March, I called the Animal Control Department concerning a groundhog problem on my property at Smith Mountain Lake. I was told they did not handle that complaint; I would have to contact The Game and Inland Fisheries. The Game and Inland Fisheries said I would have to hire a private company to remove the groundhogs or do it myself.

  • Where’s the civility on the right?

        Poor, pitiful Sarah Huckabee Sanders. After a long, hard day of lying for Donald Trump, she just wanted a decent meal. Alas, she was frustrated by “rude liberals” who need to learn something about civility.
        This is what we’re being told, anyway, by people who always seem to find a way to defend, rationalize and justify this horrific regime in the Oval Office.

  • Getting rid of the police is stupid

        If you’re looking for evidence that the so called “Democratic” Party is utterly irresponsible, check out the recent calls by “Democrats” to abolish ICE.

  • The first to respond

    “I actually saw the first plane aim for the building, and I knew I was going to the largest fire of my life.”

        The above statement was made by FDNY Assistant Fire Chief Joseph Pfeifer. Pfeifer, the last remaining fire chief who responded on 9/11, is now retired.