• Cujo: Carolina on his mind
           Life's funny.     And, not always in a "ha-ha" sort of way.      Take local boxing icon Scott "Cujo" Sigmon.  It wasn't long ago that the Bedford Brawler was a hot-shot youngster with a dream as big as his head is hard.     Suddenly, the feisty youngster is a relative elder statesman for the sport.  At 27 years of age, he's certainly no spring chicken.  In fact, he's still got plenty of fire in the belly and fuel in the tank.
  • Gunnin' for gobblers
      See the above photo?  It defines both fun and commitment. It is a shot taken following this year's Bedford Outdoor Sportsmen Association's  (BOSA) Gunnin' for Gobblers, which took place recently. This program is a spring turkey hunt which is dedicated to providing people with disabilities the opportunity to participate in outdoor activities. It is also a way to educate able-bodied individuals on how they can help a disabled friend or family member enjoy being in the outdoors once again.
  • Still giving to her students
      Justine Cutler's dream was to advance education. So, she'd likely be pleased by the fact that a scholarship set up in her memory is poised to do just that. The former English and drama teacher passed away on March 1 of this year after battling breast cancer for 16 years.  Since then, Liberty school administrators have set up a scholarship fund in her honor. And folks have responded with resounding support. "We've written 78 thank-you notes," said Cherie Whitehurst, Justine's daughter. 
  • Living for the links
      He's a golfer. Sure, he deals with a dreadful disease on a daily basis.  Yes, he takes 11 different medications to treat his cystic fibrosis. Indeed, he endures two 30-minute respiratory treatments each day, as well as sessions with a nebulizer to help his breathing. True, he must visit the Medical Center at the University of Virginia for tests and check-ups every three months.
  • Queen of the free-throw line
      She hasn't picked up a Massachusetts accent. Nor has she declared residency in the Bay State. But, having travelled to that northern commonwealth five straight years, nobody could blame Sophia Palladino if she started talking like a Kennedy. What would be more accurate, however, is stating that she shoots like a Celtic. For the fifth consecutive year, the Forest resident made the trip to Springfield for the Elks Hoop Shoot national finals.
  • Captain Dale's March SML report
      Dale Wilson's SML Guide Service PHONE NO:  540-297-5650 / 540-874-4950 www.captaindalewilson.com   OVERVIEW:  Old man winter will still be around for a few more weeks! This is an excellent time to catch some of the largest fish of the year! Fish will begin to feed heavily after the long cold winter as they prepare to spawn. Water temperature will be in the upper 40’s to near 60. 
  • Meet-and-greet at JF
      A memorable quote from the comedy classic, The Blues Brothers, was "We're putting the band back together." Newly appointed Jefferson Forest Head Football Coach Bob Christmas seems to be following Jake and Elwood's lead.  Only, instead of a blues band, he's reuniting elements from Jefferson Forest's glory years. And instead of filling spots in a band, he's completing a coaching staff.
  • Bedford's sharpshooters
    It must be something in the water. Bedford County continues to crank out free throw shooting wizards.  At the most recent Elks Hoop Shoot, three Bedfordites won Southwest (Va.) District competitions, earning the right to shoot at the next level. Winners were: -Conner Williams, who was the top dog in the boys' 8-9 year old category.  Conner nailed 15 shots in taking his prize.
  • One 'Hall' of a guy
      What does Jim Thacker have in common with Art Howe, Charlie Manuel and Ken Macha? The obvious answer is that all four men served as baseball coaches.  Last spring was Thacker's final run at the helm of the proud and prodigious Jefferson Forest program. Howe, Manuel and Macha, of course, all coached in the Major Leagues. In addition to all four being in the fraternity of baseball coaches, the quartet are all members of the Salem-Roanoke Baseball Hall of Fame.
  • Sports commentary: Weather or not
      The wife had enough of me this past week.  Not enough to put me on the street, mind you.  But, she'd had enough. I understand that it's quite common for wives not to appreciate the fact that husbands are unexpectedly hanging around them.  I further understand that following a wife around the house asking questions such as "What are you doing?" and "What are you going to do next?" don't score points on the marital front.