• A walk down Memory Lane
    By Margaret Pascale Sports Editor Sports@bedfordbulletin.com     Billy Catron, Ron Jones and Richard Vaught, three native Bedford men, were a part of the 1982 Longwood baseball team that went to California for the College World Series.     “In 1982 it was Longwood’s fifth year playing organized baseball and only the second year in Division II,” said Billy Carton.
  • Forest Elementary gets a big surprise
    By Margaret Pascale Sports Editor Sports@bedfordbulletin.com     All the students at Forest Elementary gathered in the gymnasium for an assembly this past Monday, March 7. The students thought that they were just gathering to speak about accomplishments and handing out awards for participating in the Rashad Jennings Foundation Reading Challenge.
  • Bedford YMCA Bench Press Competition
    Sports Editor Sports@bedfordbulletin.com     The Bedford Area YMCA will start a new competition this year specifically geared towards the weight room and people who lift weights.     The Bench Press Competition will be held on Saturday, March 12 and start at noon at the Bedford YMCA.     Josh Ranes and David Kingery are the two people who started and are running the competition at the YMCA.
  • Moneta Pickleball Tournament
    By Margaret Pascale Sports Editor Sports@bedfordbulletin.com     Pickleball is a cross between tennis, ping pong, volleyball and racquetball and it is one of the fastest growing sports across the United States.     “A ton of people who use to be tennis players and racquetball players love this sport because it is easier on your joints,” said Lauren Ackers. 
  • Elks Southwest District Hoop Shoot
    Tyler Beck of Bedford, left, Peyton McDaniel of Pulaski, Reed Pendleton of Roanoke, Maggie Rooklyn of Clifton Forge, Kaylee Hughes of Martinsville, and Miranda Reynolds, right, of Martinsville placed first at the Elks Lodge Southwest Hoop Shoot on January 30 at Bedford Middle School. Tyler Beck holding his first place trophy after placing first in the 8 and 9 year old group. Beck will move on to the Virginia State Hoop Shoot held on Sunday, Feb. 14 at St. Anne’s Belfield School in Charlottesville.
  • Hall of Fame induction dinner
    By Chappy Merritt Contributing Writer
  • Success at the Apple Valley 5K
    Sports Editor Sports@bedfordbulletin.com          The 18th annual Apple Valley 5K took place this past Saturday, Nov. 7 at Gross’s Orchard in Bedford.     It was a beautiful fall day, with a little bit of rain. The Race kicked off at 10 a.m. Theresa Boyes  is the race director and plans the race every year. The race will continue to be a small race and there is a plan for the race to happen again next year.
  • 18th Annual Apple Valley 5K
    Sports Editor Sports@Bedfordbulletin.com     The Apple Valley 5K is a unique experience that cross country runners enjoy. The course is completely off the road, and runs through Gross’s Orchard on gravel, dirt and grass paths.     The race will be held Saturday, Nov. 7 at 10 a.m. at Gross’s Orchard located at 6817 Wheats Valley Road in Bedford. The race will be open to all ages and walkers are welcome to participate.
  • Hunting and Fishing Report
    By DALE WILSON SML GUIDE SERVICE PHONE NO:  540-297-5650 / 540-874-4950 www.captaindalewilson.com     Fishing will be good this month! Water temperature will be in the 60’s.  Best times will be early morning, late afternoon and overcast days. Fishing the past few weeks has been great! All the rain has cooled the water and added oxygen making the fish become very active. Stripers and bass have been surfacing during and around the full moon. 
  • Local business owner making first professional appearance
    Sports Editor Sports@Bedfordbulletin.com     Making his first professional debut in the art of Muay Thai fighting, Matt Coleman started training early to make weight and get his body prepared for the fight. Coleman will fight Brad Mountain, out of Maryland, Oct. 10 at the Elite Warrior Challenge in Salem.