Opinion & Analysis

  • Sports Day-ly: Power of the World Cup

    Whether it’s yourself competing or watching a friend or family member compete, almost everyone has had some experience with the world of sports. Even if people are not huge fans of sports, almost all can say they’ve seen sports in action before.

    You might think about playing on your high school basketball team, watching your friend out on the football field or watching your daughter’s softball game. But regardless of your experience, think about the power that sports can hold.

  • Sports Day-ly: Infinity War Review: A war for the ages (No Spoilers)

    Wow. The culmination of over 10 years of superhero storytelling finally came to a head. The Mad Titan Thanos truly began his quest for the infinity stones and to take down the Avengers.

    There are no major spoilers of Avengers: Infinity War in this review–because I am an above average human being–but there are spoilers for every other Marvel movie.

  • The NFL's Weird Relationship with Celebrations

    With just five weeks to go in the NFL season we are soon going to go from watching 26-30 teams play each week to no more than eight. Because of this we will see a decrease of end zone celebrations, one of the best things that happen on a weekly basis on Sundays.

    I am a huge advocate for celebrations. I absolutely love them and I always have.

    When I first fell in love with football in the mid-2000’s it was celebrations galore after a touchdown.

  • Sports Dayl-ly: The NBA's Lovable Disrespect

    Admit it, you’re petty. We all are–some more than others– it’s  not a crime its just part of life.

    I’ll be the first to admit that I am irrationally petty at times. Even if you’re not like me in regards to being irrationally petty you’re probably like me in regards to enjoying watching other people be petty and disrespectful towards each other. This runs rampant in sports.

  • New Year's Resolutions for the NFL

    2018 is right around the corner and the best–or worst– parts about a new year is the amount of New Year’s resolutions that somehow make their way onto the internet.

    Usually resolutions will be people vowing to live a healthier lifestyle by working out and eating more vegetables. Or some could try and better their mind by reading more frequently. The list of cliche resolutions goes on and on and on.

  • Sports Day-ly: Maddening March

    One of my favorite things about arcades is the cool money machines that they have. The ones where you step in, the door closes, and you have 30 seconds to grab as much money as you can while a fan whips the dollar bills everywhere.

    When you walk in you are focused and prepared to get as many flying pieces of paper as possible. The goal is usually pretty high too. Sometimes people aim for $20, $50 or if confidence is sky high they’ll aim for $100.

  • Sports Day-ly: Support Local Hoops

    We are officially on the homestretch of the regular season portion of this year’s basketball season. The recent snow days have impacted the scheduling to the point that some teams might have some pretty packed weeks going forward.

    So far this season has been an absolute joy to watch. I would like to take this time to encourage fans, students and faculty alike to experience that joy by going and watching the Bedford County teams play.

  • Sports Day-ly: National Championship caps off great year for College Football

    The 2017-18 College Football season wrapped up with a barn burner of a National Championship Game. Nick Saban did what Nick Saban does best and led Alabama to its fifth National Championship in nine years becoming the fastest program to ever accomplish that.

    Now we’re faced with the task of figuring out who the real National Champion is.

  • Sports Day-ly: Officiating, the NBA's Biggest Flaw

    The NBA does not have a lot of flaws, especially in comparison to their long lost step brother–the NFL.

    With that being said, the NBA is very far from perfection. The biggest issue in the current NBA product has nothing to do with the players. Rather the officials who are in control of the game.

    I know officiating a basketball game is hard. I was an official for my final two years of middle school and my freshman year in high school.

  • Would You Rather? Sports Edition

    I’m a big fan of games. Which is good considering games are a rather large portion of sports and I cover sports for a living.

    But not all games are directly related to sports. Some games are purely fun, some games are slightly dangerous and some are both.

    Today we’re going to play a game that is both. This game can be abbreviated into a three letter acronym that really gets people’s brains going. Don’t worry its not that three letter acronym, this game is called “Would you rather.”