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  • Sports commentary: Community

        This column is my penultimate.
        That’s a fancy word of saying it’s my second-to-last column.  Second-to-last  section.  Second-to-last week on the job.
        So, why get all fancy-schmantzy with all of this penultimate business?
        Well, I’ve always tried to be informative and entertaining in this corner of the sports pages.

  • Sports commentary: Scout's honor

        Have the Boy Scouts of America become sissified?
        That’s the contention of Richard Cromwell, a senior contributor to The Federalist.
        Cromwell points out that  the BSA now prohibits such time-honored activities as water gun fights, water balloon battles, crossbows, boomerangs, bottlerockets, potato guns and blow guns.
        What is life for a youngster without bottlerockets and boomerangs?

  • Sports commentary: Welcome

        So, Liberty Christian Academy (LCA) is becoming part of the Virginia High School League (VHSL).  That has lots of folks feeling CONCERNED.
        The VHSL and LCA recently issued an announcement that ended the school’s lawsuit against the state’s high school sports governing body.
        The key take-aways from the agreement are:

  • Sports commentary: Betrayed


    Now I know what it’s like to have your wife cheat on you with your best friend.

    OK, that’s a little strong.  At least I know what it’s like to have two organizations of which I am extremely fond get nailed for doing something that I consider untoward.

  • Sports commentary: Brain cleanin'

        Just some dribs and drabs here.  In other words:  It’s time for some Spring cleaning of the old noggin.

  • Sports commentary: Moneyball

        I’m rarely accused of being a man of few words.  That I need four or so pages of newsprint each week backs up that assertion.
        I do, however, hold in high esteem those who can get their points across with a minimum of verbiage.
        Highest regard goes to those who can convey their meaning without words:  a head nod, a wink, a nudge.

  • Sports commentary: Derby Day

        The upcoming weekend is a big one for those of you who might be Kentucky natives.
        No.  It’s not the weekend in which the Kentucky Wildcats introduce the latest crop of basketball players:  Those who will play in the Bluegrass for a year before landing in the greengrass of the NBA.
        It’s a big weekend because it’s Derby time.

  • Sports commentary: Sweet and sour

        First, a gripe.  Then, we can discuss less dreary topics.
        Bedford County high schools will conduct their graduation ceremonies on May 23.  That’s less than six weeks away.
        State high school spring sports championships will wrap up on June 13.
        I believe something is backwards here. 

  • Sports commentary: Hall of Shame

        Which esteemed hall contains more rogues and rascals:  the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or the Basketball Hall of Fame?
        While the former contains the likes of Alice Cooper, the Beastie Boys and The Clash, a recent inductee to the latter might have you scratching your head.
        As a wrap-up to the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, the hoops HOF announced its most recent electees for membership.

  • sports Commentary: Grumpy grammar

        As the editor of the Bedford Bulletin’s sports pages, I strive to deliver a quality product.  That quality is defined by proper use of the English language.             “Ah,” you might mutter.  “Isn’t it game scores you should be focused on?”
        To which I’d respond, “Ha!  You ended that sentence with a preposition.”