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  • Who are these gals?


    Who are these gals?

    The Jefferson Forest softball crew, renown for its pitching and defensive acumen, suddenly is mistreating the ball with a vengeance.

    The Lady Cavs' muscle flexing seemed to peak last Friday evening as they belted an astonishing 19 hits in mauling Liberty on the Lady Minutemen home field.

    The final score was as bloody as it was sobering:  11-3.

  • Ocho de Mayo


    In the Jefferson Forest team room sits a white board.  Across the top of that board the following message is scrawled:  JF girls soccer State champs.

    Whether that thought proves prophetic remains to be seen.  What is clear, at this point in time, is that the Lady Cavs are poised to become the 2013 Seminole District champs.

  • Sports commentary: Where is...


    Lots of empty seats.  That's what you'll see if you happen to tune your tube to a Major League Baseball game these days.

    It seems to me that there are an awful lot of tickets going unpurchased.  Or, if they are purchased, they're sitting on someone's coffee table, never to be redeemed.

    To test my theory, I grabbed the sports section from the Roanoke Times.  The box scores in that newspaper list the games' attendance, as well as the seating capacity at the hosting facility.

  • Boys soccer roundup


    The Staunton River boys soccer team looked solid on defense.

    The offense?  Well, that appears to be a work in progress.

    The Golden Eagles wound up on the short end of a 2-1 game with Northside.

    The Rivermen shook off two early Viking goals and drew within striking distance, but just couldn't find the trigger to tie things up.  As a result, the Eagles find themselves in the cellar of the Blue Ridge, saddled with a district mark of 0-3.

  • Baseball roundup


    Shakespeare wrote that a rose by any name smells just as sweet.

    Jefferson Forest's baseball team picked up a win over Heritage, but this one was anything but sweet.

    "It was ugly," said JF Head Honcho Jim Thacker of the 4-3 victory.  "But it was a win."

    It almost was both ugly and a loss.  If that was the case, the Cavs might be thinking the unthinkable:  the regular season district trophy sitting somewhere besides the JF trophy case.  A place such as Amherst County, for example.

  • Sports commentary: Don't...


    This could have been a tribute column:  one written in memory of Chief Jim Day.

    I'm a big fan of the job the chief has done with Bedford's police department.  I also consider him to be a solid human and a personal friend.

    But, even someone who is a ne'er-do-well doesn't deserve to get the treatment meted out to Day.  Just a couple of weeks ago, he was struck by a car as he rode his bicycle.

  • Still unbeaten

      Somebody forgot to tell these youngsters just how young they are.

  • Sports commentary: Time for you...

      Democracy is simple:  You can step up now or you can step up later.

  • Holland-America Cruise

      Last year, he was living in the Netherlands, focusing on defense.

  • Soccer preview: Staunton River...

      Youth, thy name is Staunton River soccer.