Today's Sports

  • Regional split

    Liberty?s Minutemen survived the first round of the playoff winnowing process, as they beat Stuarts Draft 63-57 in front of a moderate-sized home crowd.

    In typical Liberty fashion, the Minutemen ensured none of that crowd departed early, as they allowed the third-seeded (of the Southern Valley District) Cougars to stick around to the very end.

  • Bee's sweep Seminole Tourney

    Rumors that Brookville is seeking to annex Bedford County turned out to be false.

    However, given how the Bees owned Bedford schools in the Seminole District Tournament, one can understand how such a rumor might come to be.

    The Brookville boys and girls topped their Jefferson Forest counterparts in the semifinals. Then the girls stomped Staunton River in the final before the Bees edged the Minutemen for the boys? title.

    On top of that, those final wins came at Jefferson Forest?s new gym.

  • Eagle alum Witt is new football...

    Staunton River Athletic Director Ricky Falls introduced Head Football Coach Rick Witt as the newest member of the Eagles' coaching cadre. Witt takes over his alma mater's program after a seven year stint as an assistant at William Byrd.

    "Everybody at Byrd couldn't say enough good things about him," said Falls. "It was refreshing to see someone who really wanted to be here." Falls received 18 applicants and interviewed 8 of those.

    "It's home," said Witt. "I loved my time at Staunton River...I really like the community"

  • The new Pete Rose--commentary

    Just when it looked as though Pete Rose was finally riding off into the sunset, along comes his replacement.

    I don't mean a replacement for Rose as the Major League Baseball's all-time hitting champ.

    No, I mean as a replacement for Rose as the Major League Baseball player who won't admit to his cruddy behavior and salvage a small piece of his reputation.

    The replacement is one of the most talented players of his time, who crossed into prohibited territory but whose ego won't allow him to 'fess up.

    Of course I'm talking about Roger Clemens.

  • Brookville wins District crown--...

    The generally accepted Machiavellian principle is that if you challenge a king, you must kill him. Otherwise, woe be it onto you.

    In the case of the Seminole District championship tournament, regal Brookville was challenged, but came away with its kingdom intact, wearing the District crown for a 39th consecutive year.

  • Two out of three ain't bad

    While the girls were putting three county teams into the Regionals, the boys were holding up their end as both Liberty and Jefferson Forest earned tickets to the next level. The Minutemen topped Staunton River in a bruising affair by the score of 75-50. The Cavaliers beat perennial powerhouse Heritage in a back-and-forth affair by the score of 47-43.

    With Brookville having won the regular season title, Liberty and Forest will spend the remainder of this week trying to earn a coveted second seed and the Regional home opener that comes with it.

  • Ladies' night

    Staunton River easily clinched its berth in the Regional where the Lady Eagles will be joined by County mates Jefferson Forest and Liberty. The three squads advanced with opening round wins over Seminole District rivals.

    The wins also put the trio of Bedford teams into the District semifinals, which include Brookville. This past Tuesday, the Lady Cavs took on the Bees while the Golden Eagles squared off with the Minettes.

    The District championship will be played Friday evening, along with the boys' titlist tilt, at Jefferson Forest.

  • Commentary--the warriors among us

    I recently became aware of a fascinating Web site, "Baseball in Wartime" (baseballinwartime.com). It's run by a fellow named Gary Bedingfield, an Englishman who lives in Scotland.

    The site contains scads of information related to the wartime experiences of baseball players and the baseball experiences of those that helped to win the war. As the focus is on World War II, there is a good amount on some of the men from Bedford that marched off to a destiny rife with valor and sacrifice.

  • Protecting our boarders

    It?s not easy to be a skateboarder in Bedford. With no dedicated place for them to ply their trade, the area?s boarders are relegated to the sidewalks and parking lots that dot the town and county.

    When they do skate at those spots, they often risk incurring the wrath of the owning merchants or, worse, being chased off by officers from the Bedford Police Department.

    Well, the boarders lives look to become significantly better. Plans are in full swing to build a skate park at the county?s Falling Creek Park.

  • Lady Eagles take county title;...

    The Liberty girls? basketball team did its best to try and ruin Senior Night for the Lady Cavs. Forest prevailed 35-28, in a nail-biter that was nowhere near reminiscent of the earlier year matchup. In that game, Forest pounded the Minettes 49-31.

    ?(The Minettes) weren?t coming here to bear gifts, have cake and carry balloons,? said Forest Head Coach Tom Brown of the Liberty plan to rain on his seniors? parade. ?We were fortunate to get out of this one with a win.?