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  • Zesty time at the Big Orange


    They were singing the blues at the Big Orange last weekend.

    That's "blues" as in "Blue Demons."  Christiansburg showed that it is in superb position to claim yet another in a long string of State wrestling championships.

    In what was widely viewed as an excellent preview of the State 3A tourney, William Byrd hosted the Big Orange tourney.

    Christiansburg came away with the juiciest parts, romping to a team title and five individual crowns.

  • Sports commentary: Super duper


    Well, we've got our Super Bowl teams.  To the surprise of nobody (except those that bet on other teams), the Seahawks and Patriots will face off ten days hence.

    In the spirit of the big game, I'd like to dedicate this column to aspects surrounding it.  Hopefully, there are some points here that you may not have considered previously.

  • Golden Eagles light up Cavs


    By Mike Forster



    It was a situation that called for Emily Post, Amy Vanderbilt or Miss Manners.  Or perhaps, all three.

    In a grievous breach of etiquette, Staunton River played the role of rude guest to Jefferson Forest's gracious host.

    The Saturday afternoon matinee ended with said guests absconding town in possession of a 56-41 victory.

  • Liberty lasses complete sweep of...


    They must have known that the Hall of Fame committee was in attendance.

    That's because the Liberty lady hoopsters put on a demonstration for consideration for induction into the Hall some time in the future.

    The Lady Minutemen smothered the Staunton River offensive spark in an affair punctuated with a 41-31 win for the gals in red, white and  blue.  Coupled with last month's 49-39 win at Staunton River, the Lady Minutemen completed a sweep of their county rivals with a pair of ten-point victories.

  • Sports Commentary: Dubuque...


    Joining the likes of Scrooge, the Grinch and Mister Potter as  cold-climate curmudgeons is the city of Dubuque, Iowa.

    Specifically, the wintery wretch here is the city council of Dubuque.  For that is the entity which recently banned sledding in the city's parks.

  • Sports commentary: Winging it


    There are few areas in which I'm a snobby stickler.  In fact there are only three.

    Frist, I take grate pride in my speling.

    Second, I make it my business to never split an infinitive:  To grievously make such an error in grammar is a no-no. 

    Third, I'm a martinet when it comes to chicken wings.

  • "Hive"-er education



    For a machine to work properly, all of its parts must do their jobs in an efficient fashion.

    The Liberty girls basketball team, which has everything it needs to be such a machine, misfired in a big matchup at Brookville on Monday night.

    At times, the Lady Minutemen showed flashes of pure brilliance.  At others, they showed whatever the direct opposite of pure brilliance is.

    Meanwhile, the Bees played their usual, steady game.  As a result, the Brookvillians came away with a 56-40 win.

  • Mixed bag o' tourneys


    None have higher hopes for a change in direction with the start of the new year than do the Liberty Minutemen hoopsters.

    The M-Men closed out 2014 with a spark of hope.  After suffering a pair of losses in the Northside Invitational Tournament, Liberty closed out the year with its first win of the season.  In consolation play at the NIT, the M-Men edged Roanoke Catholic, 69-65.

    Thus, the team that seemed destined to end the 2014 portion of the 2014-15 campaign with nary a win to its credit, picked up that vital first victory.

  • Sports commentary: New Year...


    Over the next couple of days, you'll hear people wish you a Happy New Year.

    The sentiment is a good one, even if the well-wisher has no idea what a happy new year might look like to you.

    If given the opportunity to craft a happy new year, as well as a happy year, this is how it would look through my sporting eyes.

  • From Rust-bust to soup-whoop


    These country boys can play some roundball.

    Last weekend, four schools got together for a basketball tourney at Rustburg:  the host school, Staunton River, Buckingham County and William Campbell.

    While those schools may well have four of the best Future Farmers of America programs in the state, they showed that there are some barn-mounted hoops that have been getting a workout.

    While Rustburg took the top prize, Staunton River showed that it has fire in the belly and can be a force this season.