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  • Smith, Jones and Bonds propel...

        As the host team for this past Friday’s Conference 30 indoor track championship, Heritage could learn a thing or two from Miss Manners.
        Looking like anything but a gracious host, Heritage trounced the rest of its conference peers on both sides of the house.

  • Sports commentary: The...

        I’m not a small man.  Never have been.
        True, some may accuse me of having a small heart or a small mind.
        But never a small body.
        That’s why I was stunned when the wife returned from her shopping foray with a packet of tee-shirts for me.

  • JF tops Liberty in hoops finale

        If you’re only going to get six wins over the course of the regular season, it’s nice to have half of them come against your archrivals.
        Jefferson Forest followed up wins over Brookville with a season-ending topping of Liberty Monday night.
        The Cavs went on a 32-7 run over the last 12 minutes of play to end their regular season on a happy note, albeit with a record of 6-16.

  • Sports commentary: Command-z!!!

        Many of us live in a "Command-z" world.
        Those of you who use Apple computing products are likely familiar with the term "Command-z."
        It refers to holding down the command button on your keyboard while hitting the key for the letter z.  That action immediately undoes what you'd previously done.

  • Eagles soar; opponents sore

        They are the bad boys of the Blue Ridge.
        They're the dominators of their district. 
        Now, they aim to be the conquistadors of their conference.
        And then some.

  • Sports Commentary: The Age of...

        "April is the cruelest month" is the opening line of a poem called "The Waste Land."
        That poem was written by T.S. Eliot.  I understand the poem is considered one of the most important poems of the 20th century.
        I'm uncertain how critical such prose might be when its opening line is patently false.  These being the sports pages, rather than arts and letters, I'm looking at it with a sporting eye.

  • Sports Commentary: Bedford...


    The challenge to a community newspaper is to somehow make national issues resonate with the local populace.

    That bit of logic earned no traction with the big boss when I tried to make the case for a Bedford Bulletin presence at the upcoming Super Bowl.

    "It would cost my entire paycheck just for air fare, hotel, meals and game tickets," he thundered.  "And it would cost your entire paycheck to buy a commemorative game program."

  • Zesty time at the Big Orange


    They were singing the blues at the Big Orange last weekend.

    That's "blues" as in "Blue Demons."  Christiansburg showed that it is in superb position to claim yet another in a long string of State wrestling championships.

    In what was widely viewed as an excellent preview of the State 3A tourney, William Byrd hosted the Big Orange tourney.

    Christiansburg came away with the juiciest parts, romping to a team title and five individual crowns.

  • Sports commentary: Super duper


    Well, we've got our Super Bowl teams.  To the surprise of nobody (except those that bet on other teams), the Seahawks and Patriots will face off ten days hence.

    In the spirit of the big game, I'd like to dedicate this column to aspects surrounding it.  Hopefully, there are some points here that you may not have considered previously.

  • Golden Eagles light up Cavs


    By Mike Forster



    It was a situation that called for Emily Post, Amy Vanderbilt or Miss Manners.  Or perhaps, all three.

    In a grievous breach of etiquette, Staunton River played the role of rude guest to Jefferson Forest's gracious host.

    The Saturday afternoon matinee ended with said guests absconding town in possession of a 56-41 victory.