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  • Sports commentary: Making the...


    Financial advisors will tell you that you need to have diversification in your investments.  Good ones will, anyway.

    The idea is that a mix of stocks, bonds, real estate, cash and gold will minimize risk while giving you a decent return.

    Life is the same way.  A wide mix of activities makes for a richer life.  In other words, don't put all of your eggs in one basket.

    Of course, a wide range of involvement can often result in timing conflicts.

  • Softball preview: Jefferson...


    Children inherit from their parents.

    Unless you're talking about Jefferson Forest softball.

    New Head Coach Jay Gray takes over a team which was crafted, in part, by his daughter.  Joanna Hardin, Gray's kiddo, coached the team until the 2012 season.  She then moved on to coach at McNeese State.

    Last year, Bob McCarthy took the helm, leading the Lady Cavs into the second round of regional play.  Gray was his assistant.

    Now, Hardin's pop will see what he can do as he takes the reins.

  • Softball preview: Liberty


    The Liberty ladies have much to anticipate.  

    True, the team graduated one of the finest pitchers to ever hurl the tater for the Minettes.

    Yes, the team graduated some fine leadership, as well.

    But, the Liberty crew is a skilled one; young, but with buckets of experience.

    In fact, the team should be poised to do well over the next couple of years.

    But the focus, of course, is on this upcoming season.  And, going in, the Lady Minutemen look solid.

  • Softball preview: Staunton River


    It's a new look for the Staunton River diamond ladies.

    New coach.  New conference.  Some new faces.

    Whether that all translates into a new finish in the Blue Ridge remains to be seen.

    In other words, there's a lot of unknown here.  But those unknowns will become clear as the season progresses, no doubt.

  • Baseball preview: Liberty


    On paper, the Liberty Minutemen don't shape up as the top dogs of the Seminole District.

    That assertion, however, means exactly zero in the central part of the County.  The Minutemen should be gritty and determined.  Throw in a good dose of solid pitching and aggressive hitting, and they should be positioned to give teams a run for their money.

    Whether that translates into a run for district (or conference) glory remains to be seen.

  • Cujo finishes up business


    It took nearly four years, but the business is finished.

    Done.  Kaput.  Finito.

    Scott  "Cujo" Sigmon boxed as well as he ever has since becoming a member of the fraternity of sweet scientists, in dispatching his brother boxer Jessie Nicklow.

    "I won every second of every round," said Cujo, who took the win when the fight was stopped with approximately 30 seconds remaining in the fight.

    The win improved Sigmon's record to 24-5, while dropping Nicklow to 24-4-3.

  • Sports Commentary: Spring is in...


    Ah, springtime!

    "Wait," you might be thinking.  "Spring is still a couple of weeks away."

    True, according to folks who figure such things out, spring doesn't become official until March 20.  That's when the Vernal Equinox takes place.

  • Liberty's Jones is golden...


    It must be something in the water.

    Bedford athletes showed off their talents in leaping long distances at last weekend's 3A State Championships at Tolsma Indoor arena.

    Lasses from Liberty High School and Staunton River racked up points in the long jump, triple jump and high jump events.

    Perhaps they're drinking spring water?  Get it?!

  • Boys basketball lays a...


    Liberty's season lasted exactly two days longer than did Jefferson Forest's and Staunton River's.

    That's only because the Minutemen had an opening bye in conference playoff action.

    All three local teams were felled in their first-ever games in their respective conferences.

    All three losses, however, came at the hands of foes with which the teams are intimately familiar.

  • Call him "Yes"-akowski


    The team leader earned some individual glory.

    Jefferson Forest's Blake Nowakowski, who has been a driver for the Cavs during his four years of swimming, took top honors at last weekend's State swim meet.

    During an interview back in December, Nowakowski told us, "I'm really excited (about the season).  I hope to leave some lasting impression."  

    Did he ever.