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  • County matmen shine at...


    In case you wanted to question the strength that Bedford County schools are building in wrestling, consider last weekend's performances.

    Bedford may not yet be a hot spot, but it's sure warming up.

    While the Christiansburgs and Grundys of the grappling world shouldn't yet be concerned, Bedford wrestlers are certainly making their marks in the sport.

    The latest display of growth and improvement came over the past weekend, during conference wrestling tournaments.

  • Sports commentary: The Lost...


    Why can't we point out the obvious?

    That was a bad Super Bowl.

    Unless you're a die-hard Seahawks fan, have a burning hatred of the Broncos or had a wad of cash riding on a Seattle win, there was little to like about Sunday's Super Bowl.

    It got so bad that the wife and I actually started switching between the game and a flick on Turner Classic Movies.

    The movie was "The Lost Weekend."  It's a beaut, starring Ray Miland as a drunk who is out on a life-altering toot.

  • 'X-Men' show what they...


    The Jefferson Forest wrestling team's warm-up tee shirts feature a large X on them.

    The symbol is the Roman number which stands for "10."  There are 14 weight classes in high school wrestling.  Jefferson Forest has only been able to fill 10 of them.  The 106, 195, 220 and 285 pound slots have remained vacant for much of the year, and will do so for the post-season.

    That means that the Cavs go into meets short of a full complement by 28.5%.

  • You-know-where freezes over


    There's a new king of the Seminole mats.  And he wears a black and red singlet.

    Jefferson Forest romped its way to its first Seminole District title in who knows how many years.  No one seems to know, because Brookville has owned the crown for the past 44 years.

    That all changed on Saturday.  In wrestling at Brookville's Hive, it was the Cavs who reigned supreme.

  • Minutemen sting; Minettes stung


    The Liberty basketball teams reached the same fork in the road.  Said fork was at the corner of Brookville Boulevard and Seminole Street.

    The guys went one way; the ladies went the other.

    As in Minutemen 57, Brookville 47 and Bees 61, Minettes 41.

    Combined with both teams picking up wins over Amherst and the Minettes falling to Heritage, we get the current situation:  The Liberty guys are still in the hunt for at least a piece of the Seminole District title.  The Minettes are now playing for second place.

  • Scintillating scholars


    They don't run plays.  Their is no ball involved.  They barely break a sweat, though they exert themselves quite a bit.

    They are Jefferson Forest's Scholastic Bowl team.  And from the uniforms they wear to the camaraderie they share, the crew is every bit a team.

    And their activity is one that falls under the auspices of the VHSL, just as basketball, football and softball do.

  • Sports commentary: A short...


    In honor of the Staunton River boys basketball team, I'll keep this column short.

    You're probably thinking two things:  "Thank goodness!" and "What does the Staunton River boys basketball team have to do with you being merciful to us poor readers?"

    Glad I had you thinking that (even if you weren't).

    There's no way to avoid a direct answer here.  The brevity of this column is reflective of the shortness of that particular team.

  • Girls hoops roundup


    Radford University knew what they were getting when they invited Jefferson Forest's Amber Evans to walk onto the team next year.

    The Highlanders knew they were getting a tall player with a nose for the hoop as well as a soft outside shooting touch complemented by fine ball-handling skills.

    What they likely were not attuned to, however, is the senior's toughness.

    That was on display big time during Jefferson Forest's 51-47 loss to Heritage.

  • Minettes take care of county...


    All they do is win.

    They may not do so in pretty fashion.  Nor do they necessarily do so in a dominant way.

    But the wins keep piling up for the Liberty girls basketball team.  And that's what counts.

    The Minettes took care of a pair of county rivals as their latest victims.  A team that once (and not too long ago) took its poundings at the hands of its county foes is now the cream of the county.


    Liberty 48, Jeff Forest 39

  • Sports commentary: True North


    When it's nine degrees outside, one's mind wanders to odd places.  In my case, it was Germany, New Jersey and Qatar.

    I started writing this column last week, during our vicious cold snap.  That's right:  I never stop working for you, the loyal reader.