Today's Sports

  • Scintillating scholars


    They don't run plays.  Their is no ball involved.  They barely break a sweat, though they exert themselves quite a bit.

    They are Jefferson Forest's Scholastic Bowl team.  And from the uniforms they wear to the camaraderie they share, the crew is every bit a team.

    And their activity is one that falls under the auspices of the VHSL, just as basketball, football and softball do.

  • Sports commentary: A short...


    In honor of the Staunton River boys basketball team, I'll keep this column short.

    You're probably thinking two things:  "Thank goodness!" and "What does the Staunton River boys basketball team have to do with you being merciful to us poor readers?"

    Glad I had you thinking that (even if you weren't).

    There's no way to avoid a direct answer here.  The brevity of this column is reflective of the shortness of that particular team.

  • Girls hoops roundup


    Radford University knew what they were getting when they invited Jefferson Forest's Amber Evans to walk onto the team next year.

    The Highlanders knew they were getting a tall player with a nose for the hoop as well as a soft outside shooting touch complemented by fine ball-handling skills.

    What they likely were not attuned to, however, is the senior's toughness.

    That was on display big time during Jefferson Forest's 51-47 loss to Heritage.

  • Minettes take care of county...


    All they do is win.

    They may not do so in pretty fashion.  Nor do they necessarily do so in a dominant way.

    But the wins keep piling up for the Liberty girls basketball team.  And that's what counts.

    The Minettes took care of a pair of county rivals as their latest victims.  A team that once (and not too long ago) took its poundings at the hands of its county foes is now the cream of the county.


    Liberty 48, Jeff Forest 39

  • Sports commentary: True North


    When it's nine degrees outside, one's mind wanders to odd places.  In my case, it was Germany, New Jersey and Qatar.

    I started writing this column last week, during our vicious cold snap.  That's right:  I never stop working for you, the loyal reader.

  • Byrds soar over Eagles


    Staunton River was at a disadvantage from the start.

    When the Eagles hosted William Byrd in boys hoops last Friday night, River Head Coach Brandon Harris dutifully sent his starting five onto the court.

    The tallest stands five foot eight inches tall.  Every starting Terrier is taller than that mark.

    In what may have been the least contested opening jump ball in county history, Byrd's 6'4" Koty Collier squared off with River's 5'8" Jordan Mattox.

  • Sports commentary: By any other...


    "The king is dead.  Long live the king!"

    That's what people in nations ruled by royalty are purported to exclaim when a sovereign passes away, only to be succeeded by his son/brother/nephew.

    The declaration could be adapted for college football:

    "The BCS is dead.  Long live the BCS."

    Monday night marked the expiration of the much-derided Bowl Championship Series.  We've been told the system will be replaced by a much better one.

  • Wrestlemania


    Liberty Christian Academy's turn-of-the-year wrestling tournament is rapidly gaining a reputation for excellence.

    So are the Bedford County grapplers who participate in it.

    All three local teams finished in the top half of the scoring, with Jefferson Forest and Staunton River logging in top-five performances.  Liberty wound up 13th in a 26-team field.

    Here's how the teams fared:

    1.  Poquoson           242.5

  • Slay ride


    A wintery mix which was making travel a dicey proposition mimicked what was happening concurrently in Staunton River's gym.

    In other words, slushy road conditions mirrored slipshod basketball by both Liberty and the Lady Eagles.

    It was the Minettes who emerged with the win, keeping their record spotless (at 4-0) with a 59-40 win.

    "That was a sloppy game," noted Liberty Head Coach Mike Jones.

  • Sports commentary: A Desert of...


    The iceman cometh, but not in these parts.

    I've gushed previously on the wonderful attributes that adorn life in this area of Virginia.  

    Now, I'm griping.

    Where's the hockey?

    Now, I fully realize that neither the town nor the county of Bedford has the population or the inclination to support pro hockey at any level.

    I also understand that the introduction of the sport at the high school level is too pricey a proposition to merit even consideration.