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  • 'State' of euphoria


    Those ladies can run!

    The Jefferson Forest girls cross country team capped a superb season by winning the State 4A crown Friday at Great Meadow.

    It was a belated birthday gift to Head Coach Jerome Loy, who marked his special day exactly one week before the meet.

    Most folks check Social Security options on their 65th birthday.  Loy was busy  checking splits.

  • Sports commentary: Local is good


    When it comes to college sports, there's something to be said for in-state rivalries.

    Well, at least I hope there is, seeing that I have 20 column inches here that need filling up with thoughts about the topic.

    Check that.  I need to fill  18.5, as I've already used up  a bit with the intro.  And, according to my editor, those (now) 18 inches of writing had better be pretty darn good.

  • Sports commentary: The Tempest


    The kerfuffle in Miami got me reminiscing about fifth-grade history class.

    The disturbance to which I refer is the high drama being played out over a couple of offensive linemen, where neither is now suiting up on Sundays.  The culprit appears to be bullying.

    Full disclosure:  I'm a Buffalo Bills fan, and my team has enough of its own problems (such as finding a quarterback who isn't prone to injury).  Still, the two teams play in the same division, so I'm interested.

  • No playoffs for Eagles


    There was nothing preordained about Staunton River's game with Alleghany.

    There was, however, knowledge aforehand that it would be the Eagles' final game of the season, a chance at a playoff shot having been trod into the turf at Rockbridge two weeks before.

    That evening, the Eagles fell to the Wildcats, 24-21, on a Rockbridge field goal which was made on the very last play of the game.

  • 24 enough for 24



    We're still working our way through what the VHSL's new structure means and how it works.  Do districts matter?  Who is in what conference?  Is yours a north, south, east or west school?

    Well, one thing remains true, no matter how you slice and dice the new setup:  The best team gets the top prize.

  • Sports commentary: Good sports


    The Word of the Day which popped up is "Dichotomy." 

    A dichotomy is a division of something into two mutually exclusive classifications.

    In this case, the dichotomy exists in my mind and it has to do with long-distance running.

    On the one hand, I've never been fond of that activity.  Whether it was during high school football or in the Army, the idea of running very far seemed senseless and cruel.

  • Cavs on the bubble


    Better make that a table for three.

    E.C. Glass Ben Martin likes to take his wife, Darlene, out for a dinner at their favorite Lynchburg restaurant after a Glass win.

    The coach might be wise to invite Donnie Morgan Jr. along for this week's treat.

    The junior quarterback was a one-man wrecking crew, as he led the 'Toppers to a 21-0 win over Jefferson Forest.

    The win, at City Stadium, resulted in a switcheroo of playoff postures going into the final week of the season.

  • Next up for JF: Glass


    This is not what the doctor ordered.

    For a team that's spending more time in the infirmary than on the practice field,  the last thing Jefferson Forest needs is a game called the "Black and Blue Bowl."

    But that's just what the Cavs will be involved in this Friday night, when they clash with Glass in the afore-mentioned B&B game.

    They'll be playing for a lot more than a trophy.

  • Next up for Liberty: Amherst


    Call it ticket-punch Friday.

    Two teams on different playoff bubbles will seek to make the post-season dance with a win.  When the dust settles, either 4A-North's Amherst or 3A-West's Liberty will have earned that right.

    The game, to be held at Minutemen Stadium, will feature two of the more puzzling teams in the Seminole District.

  • Next up for River: Lord Bot


    They sit at the top of the Blue Ridge.

    Unbeaten, they're ranked second in the 3A-West playoff standings.

    Teams they've topped this year include Amherst, Salem and Northside.

    They're yielding a bit less than eight points per ballgame.  

    They've scored more than 40 points in four of their eight wins.

    And the Lord Botetourt Cavaliers are heading to Staunton River this Friday evening.

    Just how good is this team?

    Darn good.

    Are they beatable?