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  • Sports commentary: Series...


    "Do you want me to turn on the ballgame?"

    That query came underscored by the dulcet tones of the wife.  It came my way as I was poring over a crossword puzzle.  

    "No, thanks," I muttered.  "I'm not interested."

    "Some sports guy you are:  Not interested in the World Series!"

    She was correct.  I'm supposed to live, breathe and eat sports in this job.  Yet, despite my strong proclivity to do so, I had zero interest in the World Series.

  • Eagles fall in heartbreaker


    Conventional wisdom is only so good.

    For instance, conventional wisdom had it that Jefferson Forest would need to put up a lot of points if the Cavs hoped to top the explosive Red Devils.

    What conventional wisdom didn't count on, however, was that the Cavs would have to do so, absent one of the most productive offensive players in the Seminole District.

  • Minutemen fall short in upset...
  • Minutemen turn on jets, top...


    That's the way, lads!

    Liberty showed itself to be the kind of football team its fans so want it to be in a systematic, 48-7 dismantling of visiting Buckingham County.

    In the Knights, the Minutemen faced a team that was bigger and faster than they.  Yet, the lads of Bedford showed that discipline, execution and grit can overcome such a physical disadvantage.

    "We needed that one," Liberty Head Coach Chris Watts said afterward.  "We finished things off, unlike earlier [in the season]."

  • Bedford County: Girls rule!


    Along with the Peaks of Otter, the National D-Day Memorial and Poplar Forest, Bedford County showed that it has something else its neighbors lack:  a bounty of cross country talent.

    At least on the girls' side of the house.

  • Sports commentary: Football fun


    E.C. Glass has a couple of neat football traditions.

    Last weekend, the Hilltoppers played Heritage.  At stake was a trophy jug.

    When the team plays Jefferson Forest, it is in the Black and Blue Bowl, with a beat up medical kit as the trophy.  Aside from being a nod to the physical nature of this particular game, the name also carries the two schools' principal colors:  black and blue.

  • Cav linksmen go for gold


    There's no superstar.

    But the results have been stellar.

    Jefferson Forest's golf team continued its impressive march by winning the 4A-North region last week.

    Not only did the victory make the Cavs the first-ever champions of the newly created 4A-North, it put them in the running for a 4A State championship, along with four other teams.

  • Shorthanded Cavs fall to Amherst


    The old wisdom is that you don't bring a knife to a gunfight.

    Heck, Jefferson Forest barely brought a knife to its rumble with Amherst.

    It was a toxic stew at Lancer Stadium.  The Cavs went up against a team that has fairly well owned them over the past decade.

    Additionally, the Lancers are a young but highly talented bunch which is starting to put things together.

    Finally, the Cavs were without the services of some of their key players.  

    It all added up to a 49-28 loss.

  • Sports commentary: The...


    As my old friend Barry White used to croon, "Too much of anything isn't good for you, baby."

    OK.  Barry White and I were not friends.  The late, great baritone, in fact, had no idea of my existence.

    But the line from Barry White's classic, "Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe," rings true enough.

    At least it does when it comes to sports.

  • River rolls over Fleming, 37-27



    It was rec league football and cheerleading night when Staunton River hosted William Fleming last Friday.  It was also middle school band night.

    With all of those aspiring Eagles on hand, it was up to the guys on the field to give the younger set something to which to aspire.

    They came through in a big way.

    The list of those wanting to be a part of Staunton River Friday nights in the future got a bit longer, as the big guys tended to William Fleming.