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Heroin Bust $85K gets Class 5 Misdemeanor

Something doesn't add up in this news release. Jesse Ray Little is charged with a Class 5 misdemeanor for possesion of Heroin with intent to distribute. Investigators say they found 2,800 doses ($85,000) of Heroin. Sheriff Brown indicates that Little "is a major dealer". As for a guarantee that Little with show up for court he is held on a $2500 bond. He probably has that much cash in his back pocket if he's the major dealer the Sheriff says he is.

Mitt Romney

I do like Romney's business experience, but his Gordon Gecko-esque tenure at Bain Capital concerns me. I also have a problem with him calling himself pro-life. In fact, Romneycare provided for taxpayer funded abortifacients (Pharmaceuticals that cause spontaneous abortion) How many evangelicals and catholics know this? He also is continually calling himself a christian to gain votes, when most of us learned in Sunday school that this is not the case.


Bedford's reversion to town status

How do you feel about Bedford's plan to revert to town status?

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